The Paris public hospital organisation has looked to attract rich patients from Russia, China and the Gulf

Saudis fail to pay debts to Paris public hospitals

Saudi Arabian individuals and organisations, as well as the Gulf country's embassy in Paris, owe the French capital's public hospital organisation 3.7 million euros, according to Le Parisien.

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Nigel Richards, New-Zealander is the new Francophone scrabble champion.
22/07/2015 - France
The French Scrabble world is reeling after 47-year old New Zealander Nigel Richards' victory in the Francophone Scrabble title in Belgium but he is not a French speaker.
Fireworks light up the sky as the Eiffel Tower is illuminated in the colors of the French flag.
15/07/2015 - France

In Paris on 14 July, the Eiffel Tower was illuminated with a spectacular fireworks show to end the Bastille Day celebrations.

A billboard ad in the middle of farm gardens located in the Paris region
14/07/2015 - FRANCE
Billboards advertising services such as hotels, restaurants and service stations will no longer be allowed at the entrance of French towns and villages of under 10,000 residents, as a law voted in ...
Cheb Mami at a concert in Algeria in 2011
13/07/2015 - France, Algeria

A French court has ordered Franco-Algerian singer Cheb Mami and his production company EMI to pay a 200,000-euro fine to another Algerian songwriter for plagiarism last Friday.

Christian Audigier in Los Angeles, January 2013
11/07/2015 - FRANCE - United States
French fashion designer Christian Audigier has died in Los Angeles at the age of 57.
The face of a young woman was one of the ancient images found at Arles in the south of France
10/07/2015 - France
Extremely rare ancient Roman frescos, comparable to those found in the Villa of Mysteries in Pompeii, have been uncovered in the historic southern French city of Arles.
Mu Naine Vihastas, a play about image(s) by Teatr N°99 at the Avignon Festival
09/07/2015 - AVIGNON FESTIVAL 2015
A play from a troupe based in Tallin, Estonia, in the Baltic States, Teatr NO99 takes a sharp look at what is real and what is merely appearance, or perhaps what we today call "reality" (as ...
Riquet by Laurent Brethome
06/07/2015 - Report: Avignon Festival 2015
The Avignon Festival is setting out to conquer younger audiences. One way of encouraging this is by lowering the ticket price for the under 26s. Another is by increasing and improving the offer.