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Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama speaks to RFI, 6 October 2015
06/10/2015 - Ghana

In lead-up to elections, Ghana's Mahama promises to continue fight against corruption

Ghana has bright economic prospects in the medium term and remains attractive to foreign investors.

African press review 6 October 2015

The former Nigerian oil minister arrested last week is back in the news in London. Governance is going backwards in Africa. So, sadly, are economic growth prospects.
The "new jungle", a field where migrants and asylum seekers stay in Calais
03/10/2015 - FRANCE - UNIted kingdom

Channel Tunnel reopens after migrant incursion

Traffic through the Channel Tunnel gradually resumed on Saturday morning after being suspended because over 100 migrants penetrated the complex from the French side.

African press review 3 October 2015

A former Nigerian oil minister is released on bail in London, arrested by officers investigating suspected bribery and money-laundering offences. Burundi is to get less aid cash from Belgium.
A wounded man is carried into a hospital in Bangui, 26 September 2015
02/10/2015 - CAR

Additional $26m raised for Central African Republic crisis, but funding gaps remain

Donor countries have pledged an additional 26 million dollars (23 million euros) at an event in New York for the Central African Republic, RFI learned on Friday.
Burundi police patrol the streets of the Musaga district in the capital Bujumbura after the results of the elections, 24 July 2015.
02/10/2015 - Burundi

Burundi: EU levels sanctions against 4 high-ranking security and intelligence officials

The European Council on Friday named four Burundi officials targeted with travel restrictions and asset freezes for a violent crackdown on protests and a failed coup attempt.

African press review 2 October 2015

A South African bill on the private security industry is likely to strain relations between Washington and Pretoria, and could see the US vote against further development funds for Jacob Zuma's ...

African press review 1 October 2015

The release of President Muhammadu Buhari's cabinet picks create havoc during National Day celebrations in Nigeria. The list is to be completed before confirmation hearings begin next week.


African press review 30 September 2015

Gauteng continues to hold the grim record as South Africa's deadliest province; and Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari takes charge of the oil ministry as he sends picks for the cabinet to the ...

African press review 29 September 2015

Kenya laments the suicide of a college girl blackmailed by a Facebook tormentor; Cabinet fever grips Nigeria; and the press welcomes Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari's UN appeal for fiscal havens ...