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Africa: 50 years of independence

The year 1960 saw independence sweep across much of Africa. Fourteen countries ceased to be French colonies, while the Belgian Congo became Zaire and Somalia and Nigeria broke from British control. Journalists from RFI French service’s Africa desk take stock of half a century of freedom.

Desertification in Mauritania

Green politics make their debut

For the very first time African states acted together during 2009’s Copenhagen negotiations on global warming. During the 90s, African green movements made a first, timid appearance.

A billion Africans and growing

In 1950, one in 10 inhabitants of the planet was African; today, the proportion is one in seven. Studies predict that in 2050 one in five inhabitants of the planet will be African.
Watching solar powered TV in Mali

Timeline: African independence

If 1960 was the year of freedom for much of sub-Saharan Africa, Liberia had become independent during the previous century, as a state for freed slaves, and Eritrea had to wait till 1993 to break ...