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Article published the Thursday 22 April 2010 - Latest update : Thursday 22 April 2010

RFI's Hausa service launches its new website

Journalists from RFI's Hausa service updating the new website


RFI's Hausa service has launched their new website as part of a greater outreach to Hausa speakers around the world. The website provides the latest updates on events and developments around the world.

The new Hausa website provides in-depth analysis and special coverage of regional issues as well as access to RFI's online resources.

RFI's new Hausa site gives visitors instant access to a continual stream of international news, magazine programmes, special dossiers and broadcast archives, all in the Hausa language.

A screenshot of the new RFI Hausa service website
A screenshot of the new RFI Hausa service website

The easy to use site allows browsing and searching about information on Nigeria, Niger, France and the rest of the world.

Join the global community by keeping in touch through Radio France Internationale. Log on to RFI Hausa and stay informed.

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assalamu alaikum

Helo france

Naji dadi da bude wannan sashe na hausa

Assalam zuwa ga sashen hausa na faransa hakika naji dadi da bude wannan sabon sashe na ku wanda yake magana da hausa Allah ya kara muku kokari amin naku Salahuddeen 08025201961

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