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Article published the Friday 21 May 2010 - Latest update : Saturday 22 May 2010

Guinea election preparations are satisfactory, says candidate

Provisional list of candidates for the June 27 presidential election


The candidate leading in polls for next month's presidential vote in Guinea says he is satisfied with the military junta's preparations for the country's first democratic election since independence from France in 1958.

Former prime minister and presidential candidate Lansana Kouyaté told RFI in an exclusive interview he believes the country's march back to constitutionalism looks irreversible.

Among other things, Kouyaté said he is satisfied with the conditions of fair representation in the nation's media.

Q&A Lansana Kouyaté

20/05/2010 by Billie O'Kadameri

"Why I am hopeful that the distribution of time between the candidates will be fair is because the power itself, to the best of my knowledge, does not have a candidate," he said.

He added the situation is well-suited "to make fair partition and distribution between the contenders".

The army leadership met with political leaders and their representatives this week, ahead of nominations ending today for the presidential vote on 27 June.

"We want each person to take responsibility," Colonel Nouhou Thiam told the assembly on Wednesday. "You're not enemies, but opponents."

The ballot will bring an end to a period of transition which began in January, and will hand power back to civilians after more than half a century of autocratic regimes.

Some candidates complained that the registration fee of 47,000 euros for candidature was too expensive.

Kouyaté said that, regardless of the amount, "some will complain and some will not".

"The election commission determines the amount, and that is up to them. But I would like to remind that some are complaining, while they are a member of that electoral commission."

Kouyaté stresses the importance of respecting the system in place, if "the law is saying it is up to [the commission] to decide.

"I would like to play less for instance [...] but that is not the case."

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