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Article published the Wednesday 23 June 2010 - Latest update : Wednesday 23 June 2010

Fight breaks out in Nigeria's parliament

Abuja, capital da Nigéria

By Ben Shemang

A fight broke out in the Nigerian House of Representatives Tuesday, with a number of lawmakers sustaining injuries including a broken hand. Eleven members were then suspended indefinitely for alleged breach of the Legislative House Act.

The cause of the fight has been to traced an alleged corruption scam levelled against the Speaker of the house, Dimeji Bankole, involving about 2.3 billion naira, or 12 million euros.

The House of Representatives had been in recess and, shortly before it resumed, a group of lawmakers calling themselves "the Progressives" gave the Speaker two weeks to to resign.
Upon the house's resumption, all of the Progressives, led by Dino Melaye, were suspended indefinitely and ordered to leave the house. They refused.
The pro-Speaker lawmakers then resolved to force the Progressives out of the sitting, and a free-for-all fight ensued.

Clothes were torn, tear gas sprayed, and many lawmakers were injured.
The Progressives have taken their allegations to Nigeria's anti-graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, or EFCC.

The chairman of the EFCC, Farida Waziri, has described the House of Representatives as a "house of scandal".

Many former Speakers have been removed from office as a result of financial scams.



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i ashamed, cos i did cast my vote for

he wants to be a billionaire

he wants to be a billionaire so freaking bad! buy all the things he never had! that goes to tell you something about our country. once you have bad soil, the fruits, the fruits will never mature.....these people don't care about can men of dignity fight....other countries will so laugh a us over this.. Nigeria is in trouble...we need help...

Free-for-all at Federal House of Representatives .

It is with heavy heart that I write in reply to the shame exhibited by our "honourable" members of the federal house of representatives as reported . Corruption in this country has reached monumental stage and only timely intervention will save this country from well-deserved leadership crisis . The public treasury has been looted by people who call themselves leaders . The amount of public wealth which they accumulated illegally has made them drunk and intoxicated to the extent they have thrown reason over board .Let me recall to Jonathan who is sitting on top of the corrupt leadership in this country that similar skirmishes in the western region in the first republic was enough for the Federal Government to declare state of emergency in that region . Is it not ripe for state of emergency to be declared at least in Abuja . The President owes it as a duty to use his immense power and authority to stamp out corruption in this country . The moment he starts from himself then everybody will fall in line . I am happy that OBJ, Iwu/INEC, judiciary and the police are witnessing the character of people illegally elected to make laws for the rest of us in this country .

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