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Article published the Thursday 19 August 2010 - Latest update : Thursday 19 August 2010

Two arrested over UN slayings, army says

DRC armed forces arrested two suspects in Wednesday's killings.


Soldiers have arrested two suspects in the killings of three United Nations peacekeepers in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a military spokesperson said Thursday. The arrests came the morning after the three Indian peacekeepers died during a raid of the UN base in Kirumba on Wednesday.

Major Vianney Kazarama said one of the men arrested, named as Tembea Mumbere, confessed to the killings.

"He admitted to everything," Kazarama said. "He said that they had been sent to track down and kill people with Monusco," the acronym for the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He added a second suspect, named as Justin Kambare, was "currently being interrogated".

Around 60 suspected rebels entered the Indian contingent of the UN camp with machetes early Wednesday, leaving the three peacekeepers hacked to death and seven others injured.

Kazarama suggested the rebels' motive was that Monusco was blocking their integration into the armed forces. A disarmament and integration deal for militia groups is part of a wider peace deal in the volatile eastern region of the DRC.

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Ashamed ! Two arrested over UN slayings, army says

This is just to show that the Monuc has failed to its mission of pacifying the eastern area of DRC as they are there just for protecting a power which is un popular and therefore unlike by the congolese.
Anyway Congolese people be awake and take care for your country as nobody else can not do it for you.

Ngongo's sentiments

I simply share ngongo's sentiments. Because sincerely, DRC has the largest UN so called 'peacekeeping' troups but people are still dying daily, whom are they protecting if i may ask while people are getting raped, killed on a daily basis. Ngongo said it, no one will take care of Congo's business but the true sons of Congo itself. and God with us, peace is in vicity...and lasting peace at that!

I share Ngongo's sentiments

I share Ngongo's sentiments

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