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Article published the Wednesday 24 November 2010 - Latest update : Wednesday 24 November 2010

Four die in clashes amid rumours of Burundi rebellion


By Judith Basutama

Four people were killed Tuesday night in two separate incidents in Burundi. In one of the incidents, the police and the army organised a joint operation to dislodge a group of gunmen at Vugizo in the southern Makamba province. This occurs as there are still rumours of a rebellion in formation.

Military sources in Bujumbura say the army and police exchanged fire with gunmen at Vugizo in the south of Burundi. Security forces worked on a tip off that a group of gunmen was circulating in the area.

Army spokesman Gaspard Baratuza says two gunmen were killed and two others captured. Two of the attackers had deserted from security forces.

The fighting created panic, prompting residents nearby to spend the night outdoors.

Two people, including a policeman, were also killed in the eastern province of Cankuzo Tuesday night. Police sources there say gunmen in military fatigue targeted a bar. Before retreating, they looted the shops nearby.

Ambushes on vehicles and attacks blamed on armed bandits are on the rise. Baratuza says however there is no open frontline, and the situation is under control.

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