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Article published the Thursday 13 January 2011 - Latest update : Thursday 13 January 2011

Southern government reacts to Khartoum "provocation"

A policewoman prepares a polling centre before opening on the fifth day of the referendum in Juba, south Sudan
Reuters/Thomas Mukoya

By Billie O'Kadameri

The government of southern Sudan is accusing the north of provocation. Khartoum has begun recalling ambassadors nominated by Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. It has also stopped sending passport books to Juba, leaving many southerners stuck without new passports.

Southern Sudan’s Information Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin discusses how long they can put up with these apparently provocative acts by Khartoum.

South Sudanese Information Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin, Juba
by Billie O'Kadameri

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