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Article published the Tuesday 22 February 2011 - Latest update : Tuesday 22 February 2011

Kadhafi says he won't go

Moamer Kadhafi
AFP/Christophe Simon


Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi said that he will stay in Libya as “head of the revolution” in a live TV address as protests against his regime sweep the country.

Kadhafi pledged to "liberate and purify" rebellious areas and called for new "revolutionary committees" to be set up in cities like Benghazi, which appear to be under rebel control.

He declared that “nobody can stop this historic march” of his "green revolution” and accused foreigners of lying to Libyans about the current stormy events.

In an apparent reference to Islamists, he criticised “bearded people”, as well as lashing out at the US and the Nato military alliance.

Demonstrators have taken drugs and “attacked barracks like mice”, he said.

They are young people copying Egypt and Tunisia, the Libyan leader said, adding that “sick people” have infiltrated the protests and handed out drugs, arms and money.

He called on his supporters to launch counter-demonstrations, "saying that "all who love Moamer Kadhafi" should "come out of your houses".

Describing his opponents as "cockroaches", he condemned the revolt in Benghazi and Derna, calling for them to be taken out of their hands.

Although at one point he said he would not use force again, Kadhafi declared that the penalty for rebelling against the state is death.

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Comments (9)

Libyan cricies

live Gadhafi alone.Where is the African Union,NATO is even doing more than what they claim Gadhafi did.The Western world should live the cricies in Libya to be manage by the Africa Union.

For Libya's war

leader Moamer Kadhafi you not watching TV. This news also not good for your country, this is not democrat leading,its very bed for your country.And you also killed the people, so you understand.Please

Col: Gaddafi is a true "Liberator of Libya en its people"

I don't agree wiz the western powers attacking Libya and Africa. i wonder wat did really col: do? For God seek Obama & and friends should consider dis in mind dat nobody is superior be4 God en' 'who Jah bless no man can curse' libya is blessed both wiz minerals en their revolu. leader COLONEL GADDAFI.

Gaddaffi or whatever he calls

Gaddaffi or whatever he calls himself is a drowning man. The coalition forces are being too lenient on him. If I were Obama, he would have been a dead man by now.


no one like you killing people am 10 if i was like you i wouldn't
kill people so take your behind with you.


please i want the world to fight kadhafi and even kill him, kadhafi has chosen to blind the Libyans just for selfish interest. the people there are really suffering. kadhafi chose to put 80 percent of the Libyans in prison which is very bad.i hate kadhafi , he is evil and he must die.


Kadhafi looks like a clown, but behind the ridiculous outfits he wears a dangerous murderer is hidden.

He is the enemy of the Lybian people.

waste of valuable time.

waste of valuable time.

leave Gadafi alone...

Gadafi is a genius... those who say Obama should intervene should also know that he is not God..Ones deeds are an exibit when it comes to payment.. in all the hardships Gadafi is going through, i know God is on his side. LET THE WHITES NOT DEVIDE US..Period.

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