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Article published the Monday 11 April 2011 - Latest update : Monday 11 April 2011

Côte d'Ivoire strongman Gbagbo arrested by Ouattarra's forces in Abidjan

First photos of Gbagbo after his arrest


The United Nation's envoy Youssoufou Bamba says Côte d'Ivoire strongman Laurent Gbagbo is alive and well and will now be put on trial. Forces loyal to internationlly recognised president Alassane Ouattara backed by French and UN troops detained Gbagbo at his bunker in the country's main city Abidjan on Monday.


"The nightmare is over for the people of Ivory Coast, there is much celebration." he said.   "He is now being held in a safe place for the next steps to put him on trial."

Gbagbo, who has held power since 2000 and stubbornly refused to admit defeat in November's presidential election, was detained and taken to his rival's temporary headquarters with his wife Simone and son Michel.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Ouattara talked at length on the phone just after Gbagbo's arrest on Monday.

Meanwhile, the security situation in Abidjan is unclear. Some districts are still controlled by Gbagbo loyalists including the downtown business district of Plateau and nearby Cocody.

Troops from France and a UN peacekeeping force have been pounding Gbagbo's forces since Sunday in a bid to destroy the heavy weapons they were reportedly using against civilians.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon confirmed he had ordered Sunday's attack and repeated UN accusations that the Gbagbo camp had used an offer of talks he made last week "to regroup their forces and redeploy heavy weapons".

France on Monday said its military had taken part in the weekend raids at the UN chief's request, but denied reports that its special forces had taken Gbagbo and handed him over to Ouattara's men.

Ouattara said late Sunday he had asked the UN to "neutralise the heavy weapons," and has promised that Gbagbo will face justice for alleged crimes

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Freezing of assets to people that have colluded with Gbagbo

Côte d'Ivoire - Freezing of assets ordered by the Prosecutor of the Republic: Here's the new list of 97 persons
By The Patriot | Abidjan.net | Sunday, June 12, 2011 8:39 | Watched 11107 times | 36 comments Favorites
Source: Abidjan.net
The prosecutor in Abidjan, Koffi Kouadio Simplice, has ordered the freezing of assets of 97 people who have colluded with the Gbagbo regime while it was forbidden. This list comes after a first list of 148 people published in May consists of prefects, sub-prefect, Director of Administration, journalists, presidents of associations of consumers, men in uniform, etc..
The Council of the European Union has thus renewing restrictive measures against certain persons. Hence the requisition June 8 the Prosecutor of the Republic.
The prosecutor at the Court of First Instance in Abidjan Plateau;
Considering Articles 41, 74 et seq of the Code of Criminal Procedure;
Given the decisions:
No. 2011/17/PESC Council of 11 January 2011 amending Decision 2010/656/PESC;
N '° 2011/11/18 CFSP of 14 January 2011 amending Decision 2010/656/PESC;
No. 2011/221/PESC Council of 6 April 2011 amending Decision 2010/656/PESC;
Council of the European Union renewing restrictive measures against Côte d'Ivoire in order to freeze assets of persons designated below:
1 - SAM Etiassé Reeve Abidjan
2 - George Gnaba Gnahoré Siaba, sub-prefect of Bingerville
3 - Herman ABOA, journalist
4 - Benjamin Zahui, journalist
5 - Gogui Theophilus, DG SOGEPA
6 - Anoia CASTRO (Teacher)
7 - Jean Yves Dibopieu, President SOAP
8 - SIDJIRI Bakaba, Director of Culture Palace
9 - Claude YOH, Journalist
11 - Dr. Kouadio, HRD Port
12 - LIAB Valentin (SOPIE)
13 - Florent Assie
14 - Christopher Gneheri Boizo DGA (Port)
15 - Claude Franck About, journalist
16 - Ms. BIOT Wife Bernadine Koua
17 - Michael Zade Bouazo
18 - Anastasia Sépou Kacou Laure
19 - Peter Dandan
20 - Gnekré Joseph Ley Thiérry
21 - Victor Tihi Kpao
22 - Robert Kouamé Bli Bi
23 - Andre N'Guessan Ahepka
24 - Francis Takassi
25 - Traore Massiafi
26 - Jean Claude Atsé Atsé
27 - Nea Kipré (Teacher)
28 - Harouna Kone (Ministry of Transport)
29 - Zingoua Kouadio Franck (Economist)
30 - Abou Toure (Minister of Economy and Finance)
31 - Wheat GUEHI
32 - Lorougnon Maurice (economist)
33 - Master Laouni Koita (District of Abidjan)
34 - Achy Valentin (Prime Minister)
35 - Oi Kouame Kouame Bernard (Engineer)
36 - Roger Mobio Kouedan
37 - Yacouba Coulibaly (Minister of Economy and Finance)
38 - Wife Nadia Dao Coulibaly
39 - Jacques Gnahet (Ministry of Interior)
Ahekpa 40-Andrew (Minister of Industry)
41 - Doukou Gode
42 - Assi Agnan Crepin
43 - Blaise Toba
44 - André Désiré Ahouti
45 - Dago Djah Lazarus
47-Ake Ehouo Joel
48 - Deby Dalli Gbalawoulou (journalist)
49 - Lahoues Souanga Etienne (journalist)
50 - Wife Chantal Poble Mongolia (Magistrate)
51 - Armand Bohui Koue
52 - Amos Béonaho (Journalist)
53 - Allali N'Goran
54 - Assi Adon Amedée
55 - Kokori Kouassi
56 - Gaudet Saturin
57 - Adjehi Ztayé
58-Brou Komoé Marius
59 - Dedi Seri (Teacher)
60 - Jacques Kacou (Minister of Public Works)
61 - Mrs. Kassi Marie-Odile
62 - Beni Koffi (Ministry of Economy and Finance)
63 - Seydou Soro (Minister of Agriculture)
64 - Doin Doh Urie
65 - Kudu Djagoran Constant
66 - Ms. Kouassi Ahou Apia Born Sophie
67 - Albert Fian
68 - Jean Marcelin Bancouly Yapi
69 - Adja Kouassi Jules
70 - Wife Mrs. Bako Likikouet Odette Sauyet
71 - Hubert Oulaye
72 - Alexander Assemian
73 - Wheat Lavry (DGA Treasury)
74 - Zagba Tapé Arnaud (BNETD)
75 - Sie Ouattara (Economieet Minister of Finance)
76-Manou Dadjet (Ministry of Mines)
77 - Kipré Gnongbo (Ministry of Industry)
78 - Toure Aboubacar (Ministry of Mines)
79 - Kodei Gnahoré (Ministry of Industry)
80 - Rene Deon-Segui (Teacher)
81 - Alexander Assemian Clovis (the first Cabinet Department)
82 - Michel Hebert (DG Comium)
83-Nizar Dalloul (PCA Comium)
84 - Kacou Guibehi (payer General Treasury)
85 - Antoine Nimba Kocounseu (central accounting officer of the treasury deposit)
86 - Jacques Assahoré Konan (accounting officer of the Public Debt)
87 - Hien Charlemagne (ICE)
88 - Jacques Djama Pierre Edmond (Magistrate)
89 - Mousso Gnamien Paul (Magistrate)
90 - Franck Tayoro Timothy (Magistrate)
91 - Zahui Marcelin (former CEO of newly CECEP CNC)
92 - A. Felix Tyeoulou-Dyel (Former Secretary General of Government)
93 - Ms. Blandine Abadi (former Deputy Secretary General of Government)
94 - Mrs. Esther Dogbo Dobli Desirée (former Deputy Secretary General of Government)
95 - Angel Nokou (Head of Communication Department Mounted Agban)
96 - Akai Gnahoré (Chief Warrant Officer in the Presidency)
97 - Nassa Dakoury (Prefect of Yamoussoukro)
Requires banks and financial institutions in Côte d'Ivoire to please stop all financial movements on bank accounts belonging to persons above mentioned and ban until further notice all transactions in stocks, bonds and other securities held by such persons.
District Attorney
Koffi K. Simplice
Magistrate in Hierarchy

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