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Article published the Tuesday 19 April 2011 - Latest update : Tuesday 19 April 2011

Buhari condemns post-poll violence, as mosque attacked

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan (C) is greeted by supporters after being declared winner
Reuters/State House/Handout


The losing candidate in Nigeria’s presidential election, Muhammed Buhari, has condemned post-poll violence, as rioting spread to some 14 states Tuesday.

Buhari called for calm in northern Nigeria in an interview with the BBC, in his first public statement since the contested final election results were released on Monday.

They gave 57 per cent of the votes to incumbent Goodluck Jonathan, who was mainly supported in his native, Christian-majority south.

Since then, violence has intensified in the north.

Christian youths burnt a mosque in Kano early Tuesday. Muslims responded by destroying shops.

Earlier a prison was raided and its inmates set free.

The number of deaths has not been released for the moment. But an estimated 15,000 people have already been displaced since the beginning of the troubles at the weekend. Curfews are in place in various places in Kano city and Kaduna state.

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Not in agreement with this reporting

There is no truth in this reporting. Christians don't take laws into their hands. What about the 7churches demolished under my denomination in Bauchi state. The reporter is bias too, because he hails from the core moslem dominated north.Please verify the authenticity of reports before publishing them.

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