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Article published the Tuesday 29 November 2011 - Latest update : Friday 02 December 2011

UDPS party says five provinces secured in DRC elections

A burnt out jeep on Avenue Munene outside the Ecole Dyavanga polling station, Kinshasa, 29 November
Daniel Finnan

By Daniel Finnan

As votes are tallied and counted in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s presidential elections the main opposition UDPS party told RFI on Tuesday that despite fraud they are confident of securing victory. Etienne Tshisekedi’s party says they have secured enough for a majority and do not want to see the vote annulled.

Q&A: Ferdinand Nkashama, Secretary of the Election Surveillance Commission, UDPS
by Daniel Finnan

“I think we have five provinces,” says Ferdinand Nkashama, the Secretary of the UDPS’s Election Surveillance Commission. “After Kinshasa we have the two Kasai provinces, Kasai Orientale and Kasai Occidental. We have Bandundu, Bas-Congo, and we have a little bit of Province Orientale. I think it’s good for Tshisekedi to be next president of Congo,” he told RFI during an interview at the UDPS party headquarters.

Nkashama denies that Tshisekedi will not accept the result if incumbent president Joseph Kabila is re-elected. He says the UDPS will accept “anything people give to us.”

Justin, a young UDPS activist at the headquarters in Limete is not as willing to accept a possible defeat. He says that if the UDPS are not declared winners then “most of the Congolese people are going to do whatever”.

“People can see what is coming out of the polls and they can see that Tshisekedi is first everywhere,” he says. According to him, the international media is also to blame for not reporting the truth.

Q&A: Justin, Militant, UDPS
by Daniel Finnan

“When something bad happens in this country, we’re all going into the street to say that ‘we don’t want this’. But you people are not showing that the international community always says ‘Mr Kabila’s right, Mr Kabila’s right’,” he told RFI.

Throngs of people filled the party headquarters’ compound on Tuesday afternoon. Many were keen to explain events during the afternoon in an area of Limete called Kingabwa.

Lawyer Jerry Kambungu, another UDPS activist, described military police arriving at a polling station in the early afternoon. It was one of the sites which had had voting extended due to organisational problems on Monday. He claims the police were trying to bring marked ballots into the polling station, but the local population resisted.

Slideshow: DRC goes to the polls
Voters lining up outside polling station in Matete, Kinshasa

“They used tear gas, intimidating the population so they could introduce the marked ballots,” Kambungu said.

The account is also consistent with a number of incidents witnessed with voters claiming that they were protecting their polling stations from interference or fraud. On Tuesday morning RFI visited the Ecole Dyavanga polling station in the Masina area of Kinshasa. The previous day voters had burnt a vehicle belonging to the electoral commission because they suspected malfeasance.

Dossier: DRC elects a president

Nkashama, the Secretary of the UDPS’s Election Surveillance Commission, called the whole operation, from the election planning to the alleged fraud, “very, very bad”.

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Comments (8)

Unity is what we need for the

Unity is what we need for the future of Congo, we've been despaced with evil people now it's time for us to build a new land. Please RFI and international medias convince them to not try to proclam Kabila as winner cause congolese are tired of him and his groups, this time everything will burn up...

Tshisekedi Victory

I strongly believe that Tshisekedi Victory will restore the dignity of Congolese people.

For so long , criminals have robbed Congolese people of their dignity. I am not going to look for an overnight solution to decades of mismagements from Tshisekedi but If we can have our dignity back and become proud of our beloved Congo, work together, putting aside our ethnical and provincial differences, we will be able then to address effectively and efficiently our socio and economical problem.

Tshisekeki success, will depend on how he prioritises key challenges of the DRC and be able to listen to the voice of the masses.

He should also tackle the ill discipline that has characterised the army and police in the DRC. The army and police is not a place for people who have failed in making the best of their lives or people rejected by their family or education system. The army and the police, Tshisekeki should make it a place, for discipline and educated individual with good ethics and moral.

Vive le Congo, at last we can proudly say we are from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and not part of the Dictatorship Republic of the Congo.

DRC election

Beyond the persona of Etienne Tshisekedi,This election is massive victory for the congolese people. For the first time since the Berlin conference, we habe been able to choose our own leader.The people have spoken and took charge of their destiny.And I beleive that things will never be the same in DRC.Tshisekedi might not be the perfect president we expect to be ,he might even disapoint us but for once we have decided. most importantly, usually in DRC peiple give their vote to person who gives them a tee shirt or 5$ but this despite all wasn't able to buy votes.

Etienne Tshisekedi : what could his victory mean

It is now time to ask for the question: what could a victory of Etienne Tshisekedi mean ?
The people voted for Etienne tshisekedi because he will establish the rule of law. Because of that, the people, in every province of the country, stand by his side.
He has the moral authority to bring back stability in the country, which in turn will bring back stability to the whole region.

tshisekedi vote

Good on you.
Good thinking and good reasonning! That what we need for forward Congo.
God bless you and would just like to add that:

Ya tshitshi vote would give us reassurance and hope, it will give us the sense of repossessing our own country,the rules of laws and so forth but most importantly the stability.

The stability that we have craved for so long. After all, Congolese are so genuis and sophisticated but never been given the chance to demonstrate this. So watch this pace because this vote is a ROUTE to Recovery and above PROGRESS and PROSPERITY.

Tshisekedi is the way forward.
VIVE CONGO and victory is assured

Oooo yessss.. Tshisekedi will be also corrupt.

.... the system will remains in it's place. And the world leaders will help him with that. It is an endless story

tshisekedi will be corrupt

the first corrupt nations are europeens and injust in their way of juging other nation.
we knows what's going to happen when tshisekidi will try to help congolese people fairly the europeen contries are going to intervene for their interrest.
for how long this world will be fair

God is with us. The way he

God is with us. The way he did for Israel, is the same way he will do for our precious DRC.
We are his people and in him we strongly trust. Amen!

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