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Article published the Saturday 03 December 2011 - Latest update : Saturday 03 December 2011

Kabila leads in partial results from DRC polls

Ballot boxes at the Fikin International compilation centre in Kinshasa
Daniel Finnan

By Daniel Finnan

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s incumbent president Joseph Kabila is leading the presidential election, according to partial results announced by the country’s electoral commission on Friday. The figures represent 15 per cent of the country’s polling stations and include almost no results from Kinshasa.

Live report from Kinshasa 3/12

Incumbent president Kabila has around 1.5 million ballots, or 52 per cent. Main opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi has just under under one million, or a third of those already counted.

Slideshow: DRC elections - tabulation centre in Kinshasa
Truck arriving to deliver more completed ballot papers.

These figures include almost no results from Kinshasa, where Tshisekedi is expected to garner strong support. Results from the capital were only available from two polling stations representing a small fraction of the vote.

Preliminary results from the 28 November presidential polls were not expected until the 6 December. But DRC’s electoral commission decided to provide an update in order to dispel circulating rumours and proclamations of victory.

The electoral commission chief commented on the hacking of their website after fictitious results had been posted online.

Electoral commission chief Daniel Ngoy Mulunda

“We condemn the hacking of our website,” Daniel Ngoy Mulunda told journalists in Kinshasa. “They have put results online which are not ours,” he added.

The partial results are intended to help relieve tension. Some people in Kinshasa, fearing violence, have crossed the river to Brazzaville, where the hotels are full.

Dossier: DRC elects a president

Several international organisations, such as the World Bank and western embassies, have asked their expatriate staff to take time off and leave the country.

The UN mission in the DRC (Monusco) ordered its staff to respect a curfew on Friday night. Friday’s Brussels Airlines flight had no seats left, other than a few in business class, forcing many Belgians to opt for a Royal Air Maroc flight via Casablanca.

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Comments (7)

Africa must wake up from their slumber

Africa is rich in so many resources but the continent is one of the poorest.Because politics has destroyed all our institutions mandated to perform important assignments.What is pathetic is that every elections in almost every African country is characterize by violence leading lost of innocent suffering lives and the small infrastructures built all will be vandalized.What is my heart cry is mostly civilians who are not in government enjoying any money are the very ones who will join this violence.We must live the politicians to come to the streets with those who have been enjoying with them to make war not the poor civilians.i pray that all civilians especially the youth should be wise.

change in congo

Congo is a riche country but no road,please ty to conect all pronvince, congo is poore because there is no road conecting pronvince so that every thing can be easy to reach every were in congo. I know every thing will change. God bless you your masty.

no to tchisekedi

tchisekedi president means another war in congo. we have suffered a lot. we need peace. kabila is the only person who can unify the country and bring peace. no a la haine ethnique. I think Eu OUA, Un are wise enough to see who stands for peace and reconcillliation and who is for violence. you have seen that in their compaing.


I'm just so desapointed and suprised in time because all people who are busy in our electoral staff they are about to be educated, professor and mature. So they can't do what they are doing. How can you as resonnable persone publish a 15% of resulte and what about 85%? And they call it partial... if they were my worker i'll shase all of them for incompetense. Another big rabish is that Kinshasa the capital got 26 commnues or zone, and in allof that they just collect in 2 polling station... so what kind of a job they did as officials... So why African union and African leaders are saying that is a succeful election? So What these are thinking us are or taking? I just dont know what to say anymore, it's unbelievable. So excuse me i'm a french guy speaking in case your find some mistake in here...


Those are just lies...cant you see the truth on the ground. with a verypoor record of Kabila, who can even thing of voting his mandate. Shame on you CEI

No a Kabila

Just to let you know that we dont want an imposed president. we suffered a lot. we want our father of democratie Mr Etienne Tshisekedi. With kabila, will make sure he killed us all

kabila must live congo

we are a refuge in other country bcz kabila is kelling us in our contry,we need help for us to be free in our country.kabila is a killer,criminal,raper,and if he was a congolese he was not going to do such thing to us.he want to finish all off us then is conna enjoy wish who?tshisekedi is our presidend no matter is conna kill us the way is want,we not conna stop entil tshisekedi become our president.

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