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Article published the Thursday 22 March 2012 - Latest update : Thursday 22 March 2012

France suspends co operation with Mali after coup topples Amadou Toumani Touré

Soldiers in street in Bamako in Mali, 21 March 2012


France said on Thursday it was suspending cooperation with Mali and urged that President Amadou Toumani Touré,who was forced to flee his palace during an overnight coup, be unharmed.

A foreign ministry spokesman said France wanted Touré who was believed to under the protection of his presidential guard at a Bamako military camp, to be kept safe and "all those detained" by the coup plotters to be freed.

There are conflicting rumours in Mali as to the whereabouts of Touré.

Some say he has taken refuge in the United States embassy in the capital, Bamako.
Foreign minister Alain Juppé made clear that he is not in the French embassy in Mali.

His aides say he is unharmed and under the protection of loyalist members of the presidential guard at a military camp in Bamako.

Touré came under siege late on Wednesday at his presidential palace as a junta announced on state television that it had overthrown what it called his “incompetent government”.

Touré had been hailed by many for his role in bringing about a multi-party democracy to the country but there was growing resentment among army officers over his government’s handling of a Tuareg insurrection in northern Mali.

President of the African Union commission, Jean Ping said on RFI on Thursday "We no longer accept coup d'états"

Ecowas, (the Economic Community of West African States) "strongly condemns the misguided actions of the mutineers"

European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton condemned the "apparent coup" and called for "democratic elections as soon as possible".


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Comments (3)

France is not a paste setter.

France is not the reference of a good country in this world and must not cooperate with a country before the country is seen as an example of a good country. France is not a paste setter.

Military Mutiny in Mali

Democracy just received a disabling wound in Mali. Shame on those who believe in ways other than constitutional processes in transitioning power.
The malian military need to immediately return to their barracks and respect the rule of law and democracy.
Democracy can be frustrating at times (that is the beauty of if) but it is the only reasonable process mankind has ever devised to respectfully solve modern societal problems.
The constitutional process needs to run its course in Mali and all Malians should support and respect it.

military takeover

What a shame.Mali deserve better but in my opinion the west is to blame.For the past two months,rebels have been actively engaging the Malian military using the Libyan weapons. France know better than any, US is aware of the terrorist activities.Mali is at the negative end of their war in Libya.They should be helping mali with inteligence and equipments to see off the rebels but Ghadafi is gone and they don't care what happens after.

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