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Article published the Sunday 10 June 2012 - Latest update : Sunday 10 June 2012

Zimbabwe's Mr Ugly bemoans lack of fame

Zimbabwe's William Masvinu crowned Mr. Ugly Harare 2012

By Ryan Truscott in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has staged its annual Mr Ugly competition again, but the winner is an unhappy man. In a country where beauty pageants can be a means of winning fame and fortune, this year's Mr Ugly said he expected more rewards for his lack of good looks.

In fact 38-year old William Masvinu says his ugliness is a divine gift.

So does his wife, she says it means she doesn't have to worry that other women will snatch her man.

Masvinu, who's from Harare's impoverished Epworth township, won the Mr Ugly pageant last month.

Organisers said they were looking for a man with such awful looks that children would run screaming from him.

Masvinu received 100 US dollars in prize money and a free night in a plush hotel in the capital.

But Mr Ugly, whose picture has been splashed over newspapers in Zimbabwe, complains he's been given fame without fortune.

A porter by trade, he says he's still waiting for advertising contracts and the concert appearances he thought would come his way just as they do for beauty queens.

State media has backed him, suggesting he should be used as an advertisement for insect killer.

One local columnist suggested this Mr Ugly could be turned into a tourist attraction, luring desperately-needed tourists back to the country.

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