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Article published the Sunday 11 November 2012 - Latest update : Sunday 11 November 2012

Missing bodies in Algerian bank place crash found

Mende public prosecutor Samuel Finielz says the plane plummeted to earth


The bodies of the two passengers missing after the crash of an Algerian military plane in southern France have been found in the wreckage, investigators announced Saturday.

The body of the pilot and three passengers were found in the crashed plane on Friday shortly after the plane crashed in a mountainous area in France’s most thinly populated department, Lozère, but the twin-engine Casa 295 was known to be carrying six people in all.

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Rescue workers were sent to search for them but on Saturday afternoon their corpses were found in the badly mangled wreckage.

The black boxes have also been found, making it possible to establish the cause of the crash.

Officials say that the plane’s fall from the sky was abrupt, explaining why it broke in two when it hit the ground.

Police have ruled out the hypothesis that the crew was trying to carry out an emergency landing because the terrain was unsuitable.

The plane was carrying paper on which the Bank of Algeria was to print bank notes.

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