Tuesday 10 September 2013
TV in Sub-Saharan Africa to go digital by 2015
TV satellites (in Cairo)
TV satellites (in Cairo)
By Daniel Finnan

Digital television will be coming to Africa by 2015. That's after recent negotiations between African countries, who've decided to switch over from traditional analogue TV signals. The announcement by the International Telecommunication Union last week follows a series of meetings with 47 countries in Africa. African television viewers may now have to shell out for new equipment to receive digital television and replace their TV aerials, when digital comes along in two years. So is digital television really any better? And will everyone be ready for a digital switchover in 2015? RFI spoke to Russell Southwood, CEO of the media consultancy Balancing Act, and leading expert specialising in media and digital television in Africa.

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Without any doubt, the

Without any doubt, the digital TV would capture the whole TV market. At that time, the TV could have more and more functions includes the touch screen as the basic function. Giant touch screen would find its way to conference room, class room and etc..

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