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Article published the Sunday 22 December 2013 - Latest update : Sunday 22 December 2013

Gunshots, teargas used to disperse protestors near Bangui airport, witnesses

French soldiers in Bangui, 17 December 2013.
French soldiers in Bangui, 17 December 2013.
REUTERS/Alain Amontchi


Incidents broke out on Sunday morning in a northern district of Bangui, near the airport where French soldiers are engaged in an operation to disarm fighters with the former rebel group, Séléka.

Dozens of protestors and fighters from the former Séléka group blocked the Avenue des Martyrs in the Yangato area with stones and tyres.

They were protesting against the presence of French soldiers who, they say, killed three members of the former Séléka on Sunday morning.

Neither the French army nor independent sources have so far confirmed such an incident.

According to locals, the area has been cordoned off since this morning by French soldiers and those from Misca, the African force, who together are trying to restore order to Central African Republic and organise the disarmament process.

The protestors are also angry about the disarmament process because they say disarmed muslims are being left to the mercy of popular anger and the “anti-balaka” Christian militias.

Congolese police and Misca forces fired shots in the air and used tear gas to disperse protestors, according to police.




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