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Article published the Sunday 09 February 2014 - Latest update : Sunday 09 February 2014

10+ dead in Bangui as French defence minister visits central Africa

A boy in the ruins of  a Muslim religious centre in Bangui on Saturday
A boy in the ruins of a Muslim religious centre in Bangui on Saturday
Reuters/Siegfried Modola


At least 10 people were killed in the Central African republic (CAR) capital, Bangui, this weekend, as French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian started a tour of the region to discuss the crisis in the violence-racked country.

Fresh violence erupted in the centre of Bangui on Saturday evening with five people killed for unknown reasons, followed by another three in clashes between Christians and Muslims.

Another was killed by soldiers from the African intervention force, Misca, according to witnesses, and another was lynched on Sunday morning, according to Peter Bouckaert of the HUman Rights Watch NGO.

Residents say that a Christian woman was killed by a Muslim on Saturday evening and that her murderer was then captured and killed and his body burnt in front of the local council office.

Large-scale looting took place until Misca troops took over from French troops at midday Sunday.

Le Drian was expected in Chad on Sunday afternoon to meet President Idriss Déby, a major player in the region, to discuss the situation in the CAR and the French presence in the Sahel, where both countries are fighting Islamist insurgent groups.

He was to go on to Congo to meet President Denis Sasso Nguesso, who is a mediator in the CAR, before going to Bangui on Wednesday.

It will be his third visit to the country since France sent troops there on 5 December.

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.for several years ago

.for several years ago Muslims and Christians are used to live in quiet peace in Central the result we did not hear any discrimination or religion AFRICA has suffer a lot from handling of French, African even doesn't need any help from french or European supports.furthermore this straggle today ended up with murdering, suffering, starving,killing or breve said all calamities in Central Africa due TO presence of shit French troop.i personally observed may curse full upon them French troop rearm christian soldiers in Bangui in order to kill i understand well French objectives not to mend fence throughout the territory whereas, to diminish hand full Muslims have been living in C A r. Adam Mahamat Saleh Djibrine, was born in C.A.R AND grow up in Chad. thank for farther news contact me on FB. adam mahamat saleh

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