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Article published the Monday 05 May 2014 - Latest update : Monday 05 May 2014

South African artist found guilty of exhibitionism in Paris

Paris Courthouse
Paris Courthouse
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South African artist Steven Cohen was found guilty of exhibitionism on Monday by a Paris court. He had danced last September in a busy square near the eiffel Tower with a rooster tied to his penis.

"I think the victim is art" said Cohen after the verdict,

Dressed in an outlandish costume, including feather on his finger and a headdress made of a stuffed pheasant, Cohen had danced for 10 minutes near the Eiffel Tower, with his penis attached to the rooster, before police stopped him.

Steve Cohen arrested in Paris with a rooster tied to his penis

But Cohen told the Court that his performance had "nothing to do with sexuality" and said he was considering whether to appeal.

He said he wished he could complete his performance, which was interrupted by police before the end.

Prosecutors had asked for a 1000 euro fine but the criminal court imposed no penalty on the artist, as no complaint had been filed against him.

As to the rooster, he is now in a chicken coop and lives a happy life in Normandy.

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