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Article published the Friday 20 August 2010 - Latest update : Friday 20 August 2010

Free WikiLeaks Suspect Manning, say activists


By Courtney Traub

A growing number of anti-war activists are speaking out against the arrest of US Army Private Bradley Manning, accused of giving classified documents to whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks. Mike Gogulski, founder of the Bradley Manning Support Network, tells RFI that Manning's arrest is unjustified.

Mike Gogulski, founder of the Bradley Manning Support Network

I was grateful that WikiLeaks was able to put this out and grateful also to the person who was able to give it to them


19/08/2010 by Courtney Traub

Dozens of people joined demonstrations in New York, Oklahoma City and Virginia this month to protest the May arrest of 23-year old Manning. The US Army has charged him with leaking over 75,000 classified reports on the war in Afghanistan and other sensitive subjects. Several anti-war organizations are also calling for Manning’s release. 

If convicted, Manning faces up to 52 years in prison. He is currently represented by military-appointed attorneys, who have refused to comment on the charges. Gogulski says his organisation has raised 50,000 dollars (40,000 euros) so far to help hire a civilian defense attorney for Manning. WikiLeaks has pledged the same amount toward the effort, he said.

"I think the grand dream that I and many others share is that someone in the Obama administration will wake up and realize that what they’re dealing here with is not a case of treason […] but rather a heroic act to bring transparency to the prosecution of these wars,” says Gogulski.

Dossier: AfPak news and analysis

“What we’re hoping is that by raising awareness of the case, we’ll be able to collect enough donations to mount a vigorous defense on Manning’s behalf.”


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