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Article published the Monday 06 December 2010 - Latest update : Monday 06 December 2010

Latest WikiLeaks: Hussein's death scene, lists global weak points


In one of the most potentially explosive leaks yet, WikiLeaks has divulged a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) list of key global infrastructure sites that the United States fears could come under terrorist attack. Another cable describes the death scene of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, who was told to “go to hell” by his executors.

In other revelations, the lawyer of fugitive WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange stated Sunday that the muckracker has secret material in reserve, which he likened to a "thermo-nuclear device".

From an unknown location, Assange told Spanish daily El Pais on Sunday that US President Barak Obama should resign if it is proved that he ordered spying on United Nations officials. According to one of the leaked documents, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked for UN personnel's telephones, emails, credit card details and frequent flier numbers.

The CIA list of strategically vital sites includes undersea cables, key communication centres, crucial ports, important firms in countries ranging from Austria to New Zealand and many others.

The CIA compiled the list "to prevent, deter, neutralize or mitigate the effects of deliberate efforts by terrorists to destroy, incapacitate or exploit them."

As this information is now public and could assist terroists, detractors of WikiLeaks have called such publication “irresponsible, bordering on criminal”.

Among the latest revelations:

  • Iraq

One cable details the execution scene of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, who was told to "go to hell" by guards as he walked to his death. While Hussein was reciting his final prayer one witness shouted, "Moqtada, Moqtada, Moqtada", in reference to the Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, who has became an influential figure in post-Hussein Iraq.

  • US

Since the 9/11 attacks US officials have maintained that progress has been made in their efforts to disrupt terrorism financing, but internal State Department memos are far more pessimistic. A litany of alleged methods used by terrorist financiers are catalogued in the cables, including bank robberies, drug loot from Afghanistan and pilgrimages to Mecca, where vast sums of currencies change hands.

  • Saudi Arabia

One document reveals that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pinpoints Saudi Arabia as the major source of funds for Islamic fundamentalist groups such as Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Hamas.

Clinton also criticized other Gulf States such as Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE for failing to staunch the flow of local donations to the groups.

  • Qatar

Despite the broadcaster’s claim that it is editorially independent, Qatar uses the TV news channel Al-Jazeera as a bargaining chip in negotiations with other countries, according to the US ambassador to Qatar.

The ambassador opined that that the channel could be used “as a bargaining tool to repair relationships with other countries, particularly those soured by al-Jazeera's broadcasts, including the United States".

  • Australia

Australia said Monday that they will not contact China over a WikiLeaks cable which revealed former prime minister Kevin Rudd advising the US to use force against China “if everything goes wrong".

Rudd has refused to verify the March 2009 cable in which he said Australia’s largest trading partner was “paranoid” about Taiwan and Tibet.

Rudd, a Mandarin-speaking former diplomat who was once posted to Beijing, and is now Australia's foreign minister, stated that the role of diplomacy is to prosecute firmly one’s national interests.

  • Julian Assange

Lawmakers in the US, the country most often implicated in the data dump, have continued to call for his arrest, with possible 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee going so far as to call for his execution.

Despite the Swedish prosecutor’s claims that her investigations of Assange regarding contentions of rape and sexual assault were “without any political pressure”, Assange's British lawyer, Mark Stephens, expressed concern on Sunday that the legal pursuit had "political motivations".

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INDIA is a rich country"said one of the director of swiss bank.More than FOUR HUNDRED EIGHTY LAKH CRORE [480,00000,0000000]RUPEES deposited in swiss bank within 40 years.Britishers had ruled INDIA for 200 years but they looted abou 200000'0000000 rupees butCurrupt politician oF INDIA had deposited 480'00000'0000000 rupees it in just some 40 years.withthimoney goverment can create 60000000 jobs,2000Rs monthly for every citigen in INDIA,four lane highway from any village to Delhi,enough electricity for morethan 500000 projects ,taxless government for 6 years,10,00000schools,but it is now impossible to bringback this money because some powerfull politician in the government are trying that this money remain in swiss bank it is time to bring our money back.....**************DO NOT READ AND FORGET IT*******this is our money ......put it in mind when election is going make a government which will do it.Itis our request to wikileaks that expose the names of that currupt politician and leave remain on all INDIANS.


Our leaders do take us for granted, thinking we know nothing about what they do behind the scene and that, they can walk away with it without a trace. For it will come to a time that every soul on this earth will account for what he/she did. God save the earth.

black money

wikileaks is doing a great job .....i as a indian request wikileaks should leak the name all politicians and other indian people hiding black money in swiss bank.
All indians will be gratefull if wikileaks do this favour for us......hope wikileaks will do this....


Bravo ! Great job. Keep it on.

yeah...keep it up..its

yeah...keep it up..its great job here...bravo for that...our country is gonna to be best..we r the cominf future we know dat..great job...

crupt indians with there accounts in swiss banks

I wish if wikileaks could reveal the names of all thoes crupt politicians with there accounts in swiss banks.This info can help the country to improve its economic coditions and finish poverty .

Crual Castism In India since long era

Do you know, the entire population in India is sufffering from Castism. But they don`t speak on platform lot of potential Is kept supressed, till today & it will remain foreever.Hence the 130 corrore population coudn`t get a single olympic medal

Castism is a big & most crual part of India.

Yes. It is hard to accept but not negligible problem of India. It is more dangerous problem than racism. Everybody should speak on the International Platform. Shame on human being .


yes its true. politians are employed by us for selfless service and not careers, so those found wanting should not be tolerated.

usher of world

When a huge change starts, old poor buggers try a lot to make a wall against it. but it's proved that the best thoughts were always welcomed, won and forever they will. And WIKILEAKS is the best thought in this era.

Pro Magnum Era

Pro Magnum Era
The following are the editing story of the historic period called pre magnum era which is define as the hardest working period of humans history.
The title Pre Magnum Era was given by Professor Rudolf Zigler who had given his 47yrs to study this era of human kind.
Mostly we humans are not supported the social bonding to other tribes but later on when this era was began the human started communicating with other tribes and people from different region to socialize their life style through various changes of working with the merchandize system and dealing with peoples are effectively learn in the period only.
According Prof. Zigler, This Period humans are intellectually more open minded and more hardworking people. Contributing their experience to make other people from tribe to learn how they can socialize with the people besides their tribes and region.
Many of us are possibly learn such things most easier way of this things right from our maturity age started but during such periods it was an new outcome for humanity to deal with people not belong to them and which they are not familiar with, also the fact is mostly we are unable to socialize with other person who is unknown or stranger to us, as we doesn’t know how will he react for our way of talking or when we communicate to them.

Hesitation :-

As we know mostly every person hesitates to interact the unknown or unfamiliar person, due to their uncommon react of communication.
Most probably, we are afraid of dealing with them as we don’t the right way of dealing with people.
This neglecting base will not allow socializing with the person uncommon to us. And that’s point the people of this era has conquer with. They know the exact reacting what the person will do as we communicate or deal with them, as they develop their skills and ability to judge the reacting point of a person on that point which the person will think on his mind.
Humiliation : -

The people are socially connected through a link of trust and faith that they understand their way of communication as being familiar to them, which makes things easier to work for them. But this point is not apply to the person who is stranger to the person, as we think that they can’t understand the things which we are putting to them or trying to make them understand as respect of missing link of trust and faithfulness in them. The matter of fact is if don’t know the person and he is completely stranger to us how does the link which create between them. Socializing point is how we create this link to the stranger as we do allow them judge our communicating point.
Pro-magnum Era, the people of this era are so much good in forecasting the way of judging how the stranger or unknown person will react. As it doesn’t require any link of trust and faithfulness.
Generally people are afraid of humiliation as they interact with strangers or they deal with them on the bases of merchandise system which is uncommon to them. But the people of this era has completely neglect this point of humiliation as once the doubt of it comes in mind the person will lose his communication skills what he had learned from the tribes.

What else makes this era so much important to the human race?
As we know seen from the above explanation, how does this era over come with the communication skills of merchandize system. On the contrary this people are not only good enough in these skills as they are known from their monetary saving system which has been arising through them. They increase their funding to develop their farming and merchandize equipments and places to work more efficiently. They funding and saving make them much more successful in the merchandizing system but they are well know from their economy system which was first tribes to come up with.
The Human Race belongs to this tribe are more intellectual then the any other humans besides them. Knowingly they are bringing more and more technical points to merchandize illusion for which they dealing through.

if mr julian is faking all

if mr julian is faking all those documents,yes he diserve death penalty.but if all the documents are true,for god seek all of us americans should stand againts the gorvernment cause beleive it or not we are the one who will pay for all those injustice done.that's why we cannot have peace in this world

beasts of the nations

now we know... nothing is hidden under the sun.

Great work done in favour of humanity.

I wish WIKILEAKS should tell the world, names of Indian politicians,officers,businessmen who has deposited countless money in Swiss and other banks outside India,with details.This will be a great obligation to the citizens of India.

What we done after leaking

What we done after leaking the frauds and KANDS exposed till date we are KAYAR hum unko SATTA se hata to sakte nahi SAZA kya dengen.

Outed, and whining

The "outrage" expressed by Americans and others at the exposure of statements foolishly committed to writing reminds me of the whining of drivers who gripe about being fined for speeding. You exceeded the speed limit, so stop whining and take responsibility. Same with the folks exposed by Wikileaks - you wrote it, so take responsibility.

By and large what's revealed is froufrou. Stop behaving like Great Aunt Maud who had Little Freddy peep up her skirt. A view of cotton bloomers ain't much. Isn't that what Wikileaks is mostly revealing.

Track down the Americans who pirated the data and whack them. Then just shut up, and the whole thing will fade away; we're sick of it by now.

Truth & Lies

Far from endangering the lives of armed forces personnel & others by disclosing the truth & facts about various Government hidden policies & agendas , many believe that Wikileaks have provided a platform to actually SAVE the lives of brave & courageous individuals forced to defend a cause often "imagined" by corrupt & weak politicians .
Who now actually believes anything that Bush & Blair said with regard to their reasons for starting The Iraq War,& WITHOUT United Nations approval , which 'B LIAR' promised he would not do ? So many innocent people have been sent to their deaths by these politicians' lies . Maybe . just maybe , ,Wikileaks & other well intentioned voices may now have provided a forum to actually PREVENT such callous acts being perpetrated in the future .
However the response by most Governments is far from encouraging & all they seem to want to do is make an example of Mr Assange & tighten security to prevent further ' truths ' coming out . Telling & hearing the truth doesn't appear to be what certain individuals are comfortable with anymore .
In America Mr Assange has already been informed by an enlightened politician that if he is extradited there he should face the death penalty ! Sounds like he'll get a fair trial for telling the truth about American policy in America then !


Whilst I think it is a good idea to be more and truthfully informed about the world around us and who is making the decisions which affect all our lives, it should be well researched, or misconceptions can early be formed. Oh and I really wish people would learn to spell!!! Just a personal little foible of mine.

I would like you to try and

I would like you to try and write in an other language than yours. I would be delighted for you if your only problem will be with spelling!

I think time is coming when

I think time is coming when all the nations around the world will know who really is the greatest terrorist state. Indeed, it is not knew the the north American Empire has dominated the world with cruelty, has stole the richness of the nations, has created caos, has invaded and destroyed poor nations, in sum, there are not words to express everything this empire has done to the human race. One day, preatty soon, the doomsday for the north american empire comes. The Nuremberg judgement for usa is neaar.

your fighting fire with fire

your fighting fire with fire martin luther king was succesful in taking down corruption with peace. it seems here you speak of evil as if it is the answer to this worlds problems. it is unthinkable as a human to listen to someone say doomsday because doomsday will not just affect america but everyone in the world with evil. so before you get upset that I am writing this try and think of what the future will look like if we pick peace as a means of taking down corruption or what the future will look like if we as humans use violence. im not defending anyone here just the human race as a whole because a doomsday will cause more pain and suffering then the world has ever seen

I think all the nations

I think all the nations around the world already know this, but soon all american people will know this.
@stupid other reply - Not everyone's language is english, I would love to see you speak or even write my language.

Yeah, sure

..Americans are the evil ones...
How about we cancel all foreign aid then.
Go back to your hovel and beat your head against the ground some more.

Put blame where it is due

Not all of us in America agree with our government, I wish I could say I believe in democracy however, it really does not exist in America. We the people of America can try to stand up to our government. However, The reality is that they will continue to do what they want regardless. I hate to hear that we who live in this country are blamed for our governments choices. The majority of the people who live here are not to blame for such wrong doings in the world. All people should think about that, but it seems that human life in general has no value if we will be blamed for what is not in hands.

I don't know if north

I don't know if north america, particularly America, is single handedly responsible for all poor nations staying poor. You are not really naming particular instances of wrong doing, so your arguement does not have much merit. It is common knowldege that the U.S. has mixed their affairs in the business of other countries that was none of its concern. However, when you make such bold statements as "time is coming when all the nations around the world will know who really is the greatest terrorist state." When you direct that at the U.S. you should probably list actual events instead of vague statements next time and learn how to spell correctly. It makes you actually seem to have an idea of what your talking about.


i cogratulate this web for discovering all evil which done secretly
in these world so that to reduce any kind of exploitation,oppresion from one coutry to another or from one community to another despite of thier race,colour,nation. thank you for your hard work in investigation concern with different issue such as social,political and economically matter that is existing in our world.

read the bible as this was fortold long ago

........and that is why the bible says "man has dominated men to his injury "(Ecclesiastes 8:9)maybe start with verse 8,then read Jeremiah 10:23 which says "I well know O Jehovah god that to earthling man his way does not belong.It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step"

you got it all......... these

you got it all......... these are definitely the signs of the end time.. lord have mercy


Thanks wikileaks for great job. In a new world no one can do the dirty job. Each and every area of the world is approachable and now " AS YOU SOW SO SHELL YOU REP"

"Immediate Response WIKILEAKS"

It goes without saying 'Democratically' it appears that Wikileaks has the overwhelming support of our global population contrary to the rash and sometimes crazy comments made by extremist polititions.
I would ask Wikileaks if they could set up a site where any decision or suggestion coming from any People in Power that affects any of our fellow creatures from wherever on this planet,enabling those affected with an Immediate response opportunity to reject or sanction via electronic vote.
I believe that this could be one of the few remaining opportunities we Humans have to halt our suicidal race to extinction. It could possibly lead to real global democracy and give the power back to a real UNITED NATIONS where it should be.
Currently we have too few people making too many decisions for people they dont represent.

agree and disagree

first i must sy u r doing gud job......on some issue i agree wd u 100% bt on sum thing i disagree wd u "issue of pak atomic issue".....wich z totaly 100% fake......
u blind daa world abt pak nuclear prgram spaecially abt DR.A.Q KHAN.....i must sy abt them dat he must say a gd job 4 his country....

Yes, shine a light into all

Yes, shine a light into all the creepy dark corners of political intrigue.

wilili leaks


ya they just wat our money

ya they just wat our money that we had to work for just think wat else they have been keeping from us we are the people of the world and in our amendments they say we have more power then our government its just that every one is scared of our government only cuz they have number but the people have more numbers cuz their just the people of the government we are the people of the world way more power..and our amendments also state that the government isnt to keep any thing from the people so lets try to get out every thing we can from our government if we try in numbers like they do we shall succeed

Condmnation of Wikileaks

51% American have condemned Wikileaks & also many people of the world, Specially Europeans.
In my opinion Wikileaks has not committed any offence or un-civilized act. Whereas US Foreign Services & US Ambassadors have committed un-civilized activities & they were spying & invloved in conspiracies against the host countries. THEY HAVE TO BE CONDEMNED THROUGHOUT THE WOLRD & IN FUTURE THE HOST COUNTRIES SHOULD AVOID TO INVOLVE THEM IN THEIR SOCIAL ACTIVTIES & PRIVATE AFFAIRS OF THE OFFICIALS OF THE HOST COUNTRY.


If Mike Huckabee (sp) wants Julian to be executed, (which he stated) it just boggles the mind as to what Huckabee is hiding! It's about time all these low life politicians get their due. The people of the US are supposed to run our own country, but that hasn't happened in over 40 years. They just do as they themselves raises in the middle of the night, and the like. I'm really sick of it...I'm tired of being treated like we don't matter. But the the people MUST stand up and fight, like we did in the 60's. We got the Vietnam war to end and we can still do things like that, we just have to have TO DO IT!!!

51% total crap

im american and 51% he says dont want wikileaks thats total bullshit if anything we want it to show the corruption of the ones doing the bad and hopefully show its not all of us that our assholes just most of our goverment that we haven't been able to prove until now so on that note i say thank you . ps to the person who made that abserd 51% comment you sir are an unintelligent uninformed idiot


When you write about percentages, please back it up with sources. I do not believe your point with out a source. Wikileaks would be a double edge sword if it were unbaised. Lets see some leaked material from Iran, Taliban, Saudi Arabia, etc. Come on Wikileaks, work all angles, not just the USA, Austrailia, and UK. Write some leaks from middle eastern countries too.


the centre of activity today we all know is the middle east, war,ssassination etc. are we being told that there is nothing from there that there is no conspiracy going on there i mean the type with no america involvement.

51% of americans have condemned...

I think that we will find that Wikileaks is, in principle, widely supported. The bigger question is what the same people think about the FCC net neutrality decision. It will probably be marked as the entrenchment of democracy corroding policy whose aim is to limit truth and meaningful information. Doesn't anybody else see it as a little disingenuous for all of these people to be suddenly indignant over a news issue that has been widely distributed for months and months on the internet. Why did the mainstream media ignore it for several months? The media than wonders why there readership has dropped. But they should worry no longer because the governments have finally moved to restrict truth and facts being so readily accessible to the common masses.


100% of news agencies do not condemn wikileaks. The people that say they don't approve are hiding somthing or are influanced by misiformation all the time anyway so what?. When you know the truth then you can condemn it.

repairs on potholes in selected streets

Let us name theese streets,their occupants & their family contacts with local goverments,if theese streets are private then they do theese things at their own expense only if theese are public rights of way then they should be held to account & named in their local newspapers & tv news programs3x2za

Help me find Patricia Cook!!!

Little wickyleaks

Great idea to expose all corrupt officials around the world,particularly South African Government and all the petty local governments here.
With the publicity wikileaks is getting now,this page is busy rocketing to high heaven with visits.What a great advert for wikileaks and all for free.

bradford council west yorkshire

They should be investigated for their sheer waste of money and how they employed all of those exspensive consultants throwing money away now are having to sack their staff. It is time a few heads rolled there.

People everywhere should

People everywhere should start little wikileaks about city, county, and state governments. What kinda little secrets are floating around at your local City Hall? Wouldn't we all like to know why the company that the Mayor's wife's Brother owns repaves the same street that they all live on every two years need it or not while the pot holes on our street has been there since 1972...(I know the year 'cause my Mom told me). Anyways, start exposing them all...we can!

gr8 idea !!!

gr8 idea !!!

Great idea!!

Great idea!!

What a great, to-the-point

What a great, to-the-point comment! Yes, backroom deals are everywhere in government with politicians - of ALL parties - unjustly enriching themselves with hard-earned taxpayer money. Why else would anyone spend MILLIONS to get elected to an office paying a mere few thousands??


Keep on exposing our elected leaders. They do not seem to understand WE THE PEOPLE are their bosses. They should reflect the attituges of the people. We should know what they do, their adttitudes, and how they express their feelings. Big brother is always watching us. BUT when WE THE PEOPLE turn the tables and start watching them, they try to make us the bad guys. That's when they want THEIR privacy. I think it is only fair that if they can watch us, we can watch them watching us.
So, Wikileaks, just sing the old country song, "I was looking back to see if you were looking back at me...." and keep on looking!

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