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Article published the Tuesday 25 January 2011 - Latest update : Tuesday 25 January 2011

Célestin to withdraw from Haiti elections

A protester spray paints graffiti on a U.N police car during a demonstration against presidential elections in Port-au-Prince
Reuters/St-Felix Even


Haiti’s ruling party candidate Jude Célestin is withdrawing from the second round presidential elections, a member of his Inité (Unity) party said on Tuesday.

Célestin came second in the first round election on 28 November, according to the country’s provisional electoral council. But the third placed candidate Michel Martelly, a popular singer who is also known as Sweet Mickey, accused Inité of fraud.

The first round results triggered violence across the country.

The United States, the United Nations said the results lacked credibility, and a mission from the Organisation of American States  recommended Célestin be dropped from the second round in favour of Martelly.

Former first lady Mirlande Manigat came first. Martelly was only 7,000 votes behind President Réné Préval’s chosen candidate Célestin.

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