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US Presidential elections 2012

On 6 November 2012 America decides whether Barack Obama will have a second term as president. Has he delivered the change he promised in 2008? Will voters turn to Republican challenger Mitt Romney? Sarah Elzas, Laura Angela Bagnetto and Philip Crowther will report for RFI on the US presidential election 2012.

The election explained
02/11/2012 - US Presidential elections 2012

Obama-Romney - what don't they agree on?

Michelle Obama proudly cast her ballot early for hubby Barack on 15 October.
01/11/2012 - US Presidential elections 2012

Who can vote? How did they vote last time? US presidential election statistics

More than 210 million US citizens are eligible to vote in this year’s presidential election. Here’s a look at the United States in statistics.

25/10/2012 - US presidential elections 2012

Not just Obama and Romney - who's standing in US presidential election 2012?

More than 40 per cent of people polled around the world would like to vote in American elections. Tough luck!
25/10/2012 - US Presidential elections 2012

It's the economy, stupid ... or is it?

James Carville famously posted the words "It's the economy, stupid" on the wall of Bill Clinton's campaign headquarters in 1992. And to some extent, he's right.
The result and reactions
US Elections 2012: Live blog
Click here to read back on RFI's live blog on the US Presidential Elections
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