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Article published the Friday 23 November 2012 - Latest update : Friday 23 November 2012

French protesters destroy imported GM soya

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A group of environmental activists destroyed a cargo of genetically modified soya in the French port of Lorient on Friday, hoping to highlight the presence of GM products in the food chain.

About 100 protesters climbed to the tip of a silo and poured ricin oil over the soya on Friday morning so as to render it unusable.

The grain was destined to be used as animal feed, they said, and they wanted to alert the public that GM products were present in meat, despite France’s restrictions on their cultivation.

The campaigners are demanding and end to GM soya imports, which come mainly from Latin America, labelling of transgenic products and a revival of grain cultivation in Europe.

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Show one study and not by

Show one study and not by Monsanto that shows genetically splicing viruses and bacteria and using fragments that cannot be read by plant food can add to the goodness of a food that has been used for a thousand years as a good food and now is known to have 24 or so adverse effects on humans.

Great people, you are doing a

Great people, you are doing a good job in destroying our food. Those people are really careless about the environment. Show me one scientific study (and by that, I don't mean by Greenpeace or Seralini) which shows that GMOs have a negative impact in real application (no labour etc.) on the environment or human health compared to conventional products. If you can't find any, you can understand that those people just destroyed food and tried to fool public.

I should point out that the

I should point out that the correct translation of 'huile de ricin' into English is 'Castor Oil'. Ricin is usually associated with the deadly poison which can be extracted from the seed of the plant, and not the commonplace oil which is used in everyday use.

Dean Morrison

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