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Article published the Monday 21 June 2010 - Latest update : Monday 21 June 2010

Zardari a criminal, claims Benazir Bhutto's niece Fatima

Fatima Bhutto reads at Shakespeare and co, festival 2010.
Tony Cross

By Tony Cross

Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari is corrupt and plotted his brother-in-law's death, claimed Fatima Bhutto, the niece of Zardari's late wife, Benazir Bhutto, in an interview on a visit to Paris Saturday.

Fatima Bhutto doesn’t mince words when it comes to Asif Ali Zardari, widower of her aunt Benazir Bhutto and the current president of Pakistan.

“It’s not the first time that criminals have come to lead nations but it is distressing to watch the White House, 10 Downing Street [the UK], the European Union support a man who before he became the president was fighting corruption cases in Switzerland and Spain and England and four charges of murder in Pakistan,” she says.

Fatima Bhutto
by Tony Cross

Well, at least she’s not satirising the president, an offence which, she has just told the audience at Paris bookshop Shakespeare and Co’s literary festival, now carries a sentence of six to 13 years in jail.
Bhutto holds Zardari responsible for the 1996 murder of her father, Murtaza, the subject of her book Songs of Blood and Sword, from which she has just read to the festival audience.

The future president served time from 1997 to 2004 on corruption and murder charges relating to that case and others. He was freed by a judge who declared the charges false and Zardari and his supporters claim that the charges were politically motivated.
The current Pakistani president has served two other terms in jail, having won the nickname “Mr Ten Per Cent” for his alleged propensity for corruption when serving as a minister in his wife’s first government from 1987-1990. As Fatima Bhutto points out, both Benazir and Zardari have faced corruption cases outside Pakistan. The Swiss case was dropped in 2008, on the request of the Pakistani government, but corruption officials have now asked for it to be reopened.
Fatima Bhutto tends to believe all the accusations against her uncle by marriage, who became president after the fall of General-President Pervez Musharraf and the assassination of Benazir on her return from exile in 2007.
She doesn’t seem to believe that he has changed his ways once in office, either, even if she can cite no evidence at the moment.
“Unfortunately, the information comes after they tend to leave power but, you know, certainly the corruption seems to be carrying on unhindered,” she says.
“It’s a country that’s facing 20-hour electricity cuts in the winter and 23-hour cuts in the summer. There’s intense censorship in the country … So I think, unfortunately, we don’t have any evidence to the contrary.”
Zardari inherited his political legitimacy – and thus the presidency – from his wife. She was prime minister twice and led of the People’s Party (PPP), a position she in turn inherited from her father and Fatima’s grandfather, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. His premiership in the 1970s was brought to an end by a military coup and his own execution, allegedly on the orders of military dictator Muhammad Zia ul-Haq.
Two of Fatima’s uncles have also been killed, so it is a dangerous business being a Bhutto. But it also means that you are part of one of the five families which have a stranglehold on Pakistan’s politics.
The PPP clearly intends the dynasty to continue. Before her death, Benazir made it clear that her son, Bilawal, should succeed her. Despite the fact that he is currently studying at Britain’s Oxford University and has limited political experience, the party dutifully appointed him joint chairman along with his father after his mother’s death. 
Fatima Bhutto did not go into politics. She chose writing, inspired, she says, by books like Malcolm X’s autobiography, British journalist Robert Fisk’s book on Lebanon Pity the Nation and the novels The Great Gatsby and To Kill a Mockingbird.
And, although her mother heads a breakaway faction of the PPP, she lambasts the control of the country’s economy by 27 families and its politics by five.
“I think absolutely it’s time for all the dynasties to butt out and it’s time for the field to be opened up beyond five families or six families.”
So who would take over?
“Well, the people, you know. In a county of 180 million people there have to be more choices than just the usual suspects."
She points to gang-rape victim Mukhtar Mai, who has become a women’s rights campaigner, and the missing persons campaign, started by relatives of people kidnapped by the police and intelligence agencies, as evidence of potential leaders from outside the English-speaking elite.
“Pakistani women, they’ve got guts,” she told the book fanciers’ gathering.

A recent report by former Oxfam official Matt Waldman and released by the London School of Economics accused Pakistan’s spies, the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency (ISI), of deep involvement with the Taliban.
It even claimed that Zardari visited Taliban leaders in jail and promised them support in operations, once they were released. That charge has been hotly denied by the government and greeted with scepticism by many commentators.
But no-one seriously doubts that the ISI were involved with the Taliban and other Islamist armed groups from the beginning, in the aftermath of their US-backed involvement with the mujahedin who fought the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.
“To assume that that’s ended miraculously I think is a bit naïve,” comments Fatima Bhutto, who appeals to world powers to pull out of her country.

France 24's Leela Jacinto blogs on Afghanistan and Pakistan

“The world has to divest from Pakistan,” she says. “To keep giving the Pakistani state, a state that is totally unaccountable and totally untransparent 12 billion dollars in the Bush era and just about 10 billion dollars in the Obama era is not going to make anything easier – it’s going to make it harder.”
But, with Islamabad “the third front” in what she calls “this odious war on terror”, her wish may not be granted any day soon.

The Bhuttos - a Pakistani dynasty

Shah Nawaz Bhutto – educated in the UK under the Raj, appointed prime minister by the nawab of Junagadh, founded the Sindh People's Party, awarded the CBE and the OBE by the British, moved to Pakistan’s Sindh province after partition, becoming one of its wealthiest landowners.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto – son of Shah Nawaz, founder of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) – fourth president of Pakistan (1971-1973), first elected prime minister of Pakistan (1973-1977), authorised Pakistan’s nuclear arms programme, toppled by a military coup and executed after the Supreme Court found him guilty of authorising the murder of a political opponent.

Murtaza Bhutto – eldest son of Zulfiqar Ali, campaigned against his father’s execution and, having failed, against the military rule of General Zia-ul-Haq, believed to have organised a left-wing armed group Al-Zulfikar which was involved in assassinations and an airplane hijacking, clashed with Benazir over Asif Ali Zardari’s role in her government, killed along with six party activists in a shoot-out with police at the age of 42

Shahnawaz Bhutto – son of Zulfiqar Ali, returned from studies in Switzerland to campaign aginst his father’s execution, returned to exile and continued to campaign against the rule of General Zia-ul-Haq, died under mysterious circumstances at the age of 27 in Nice, southern France.

Benazir Bhutto – founded the Movement for the Restoration of Democracy coalition to fight Zia-ul-Haq, after six years of house arrest or imprisonment, went into exile in London, returning to become prime minister from 1988 to 1990 and again from 1993 to 1996, faced several charges of corruption, went into exile again, returning in 2007 after a deal with military ruler Pervez Musharraf, assassinated at a political rally shortly after her return.

Asif Ali Zardari – husband of Benazir, earned the nickname “Mr Ten Per Cent” for alleged corruption when serving as a minister under her, jailed three times on blackmail, corruption and murder charges, became join leader of the PPP on Benazir’s assassination, current president of Pakistan.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari – son of Benazir and Asif Ali Zardari, student at Britain’s Oxford University, became join leader of the PPP with his father after his mother’s assassination.

Fatima Bhutto - daughter of Murtaza, author and columnist, fierce critic of Asif Ali Zardari and Benazir, who she believes were responsible for the death of her father.


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There is no doubt that

There is no doubt that Zardari and Benzir murdered Murtaza Bhutto.


Fatima Bhutoo has only described the obvious but i salute her currage to stand up against a corrupt relalive, who not only destroyed pakistan but also the Bhuto Family

" Success of Jinnah and Zia

" Success of Jinnah and Zia in Pakistan and Failure of Others."
In view of present scenario, when Pakistan is suffering from violent conflict between Pakistan army and Islamic Fighters and both are cutting throats of each other and killing each other mercilessly, and no one is there to stop them from this bloody madeness,infact some ethnocentric parties and India are enjoying this bloody film continuously, and are trying to pour more fuel on this fire. In such condition it is the responsibility of Intellectuals of Pakistan to try to stop this blood shed and to analyze the past history of Pakistan and find out that why Pakistan was stable in the era of Quaid-e-Azam and General Zia, and was a most stable and strong country of the region in spite of all adversaries and enemity of British Empire, India and Soviet Union and why it has become so much unstable in the era of General Musharaf and Mr.Zardari in spite of support of World Super power USA,NATO and other nations..
Pakistan Needs Leader Like Quaid-e-Azam.
Quaid-e-Azam was a leader who united whole the populations of Muslims of subcontinent on one platform in spite of all their weaknesses due to illiteracy, ethnocentrism, regionalism, provincialism and conspiracies of Indian National Congress and British rulers, From each sentence of his speeches it is evident that he was the most caring and sincere leader for Muslims and for their interests. His speeches are full of words like Muslims, Musalamans and Islam, He very strongly proved that he is a well wisher of Muslims and will never compromise against the best interests of Muslims.
This was the reason that Muslims of subcontinent have thrown all their differences and were united under his leader ship without any reservation. For the cause of Muslims his family life was destroyed, his sister never married, her daughter was separated from him, For the cause of Muslims he lost his personnel home in Bombay, India, For the cause of Muslims he refused to accept the Premier ship of India and due to his hard work for the Muslims his health was destroyed but till his death he continued to work for welfare of his peoples. These were the characteristics of Quaid-e-Azam due to which even his enemies like him and have praise for him.
Pakistan Needs Leader Like General Zia-ul-Haq.
After separation of East Pakistan in 1971 a critical change occurred in the demography of Pakistan and ratio of Muslims Population increased from 85% to 98%.General Zia was the first leader who comprehended this change and used this phenomena for the strength and stability of Pakistan. Due to his apparent commitment with Islam and Muslims, he was able to rule the country like an Iron Man till his death. During his era Pakistan was the Island of piece in whole region, his devotion for Islam and Pakistan made him the most successful ruler of Pakistan, Although he was a military dictator he was having a very effective influence both socially and religiously on people of Pakistan, and people were having trust on him, due to his policies there was no anti state or separation activities except that of Al-Zulfiqar by brother of Mrs. Benazir Bhutto.
Afghan Jihad: Although General Zia was supporting Afghan Jihad against Soviet Union his relations with Soviet Union were surprisingly good, and Pakistan Steel Mill in Karachi was completed with the help of Soviet Union.
Collapse of Super Power Soviet Union:
Due to General Zia support for Afghan Jihad Soviet Union was broken into pieces of more than dozen countries and Pakistan was able to take the revenge of separation of East Pakistan from Soviet Union in which Soviet Union was nakedly involved .
Due to General Zia policies so many countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia were liberated from the claws of Soviet Union and both East and West Germany were reunited.
He refused to accept any pressure with reference to Nuclear Program from USA.
In the era of General Zia ,India was highly frightened from stability and progress of Pakistan and lost all its credibility and diplomatic respect due to support for Soviet Union for invasion in Afghanistan and Indira Gandhi a foolish leader of India who was involved in aggression and terrorism for taking the advantage of foolish acts of General Yahya Khan in 1971 in East Pakistan , was totally failed in controlling the affairs of East Punjab due to her foolish policies and in fact lost her life in that crisis.
Blunders of Non-Religious Leader Pervez Musharaf.
Even before becoming the dictator, just for lust of his personnel fame, he was responsible for the adventure of Kargil war, which was having following draw backs.
• As both India and Pakistan were nuclear armed at the time of Kargil war, it was simply foolish idea for staging such an adventure.
• In case of extension of Kargil war, even the survival of both India and Pakistan were at stake, because in nuclear war no one will be victorious.
• Kargil war has given the message to world as Pakistan was interested in the land of Kargil and not in the liberation of Kashmiri peoples.
• It was told to the world as Mujahideen are acting in Kargil while infact they were the personnel of Pakistan army, and in fact it was great betrayal with those soldiers who were officially sent by their Generals in Kargil.
• As a General Pervez Musharaf failed to take the help of Air force, which also indicates that how much capable General was he.
• In Kargil Pakistan army personnel who were denied even by their Generals as their soldiers, were fighting against two forces of India i.e. Indian army and Indian Air force, it was a simple analysis that it will be impossible for one force to win a war against two forces. Which clearly indicates, that General Musharaf was not well aware of the basics of warfare?
• Pervez Musharaf was solely responsible for the deaths and injuries to soldiers in this conflict and damage and malignment of the nation due to his foolish adventure just for his personnel fame.
Musharaf Dictatorship.
After Kargil expecting that he could be court martialled for his misdeed, Therefore by violating the best interest of the nation when enemies of Pakistan were waiting for opportunities to overthrow Taliban rule in Afghanistan, and to annihilate Kashmir libration movement and to surgically remove nuclear arms of Pakistan, by having no care of the above mentioned interests of the nation ,this dictator staged the coup against a Prime Minister who was having two third majority in the parliament, at that time only a civilian government was in best position to solve all above challenges but foolish dictators were having no care of interests of the nation.
Due to Dictator Ship in Pakistan, liberation movement in Kashmir was seriously damaged; more dust was poured on that weakening movement by foolish suggestions of this dictator. This is the reason that even after giving so much sacrifices, still Kashmiries are waiting for freedom.
Damage to Integrity of Pakistan:
As the survival of any nation depends on the basic ideology of that nation, as Pakistan was created on the name of Islam and for the welfare of Muslim populations of Different areas, but this dictator was having no respect for the traditional, religious. Democratic
and justice values of society, he was not in line with the mentality and thinking of the nation, nation was thinking in one direction and he was having mind of opposite direction, which caused serious damage to unity and integrity of Pakistani nation.
War against Afghanistan:
After 9/11 When he was waiting for help of USA for strengthening his dictatorship, he helped those enemies of Pakistan who were having desire to overthrow Islamic Government of Afghanistan, while in fact that was a golden opportunity for convincing to USA and world that solution to the problem of extremism in Afghanistan should be left to both governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and at other hand it was a convenient opportunity for creating a union between Pakistan and Afghanistan for countering terrorism for the purpose of avoiding the war in the region. but due to his dictatorship these goals were not possible, specially when India the main enemy of Muslim unity in South Asia pressurized Pakistan, by giving unnatural offer of Air bases in India to USA for aggression against Afghanistan while in fact by this offer it was not possible for USA to attack Afghanistan, by this offer, India just aim was to force Pakistan to become an ally of USA against Afghanistan, so that a hatred may be created between Pakistan and Afghanistan, This foolish General was unable to comprehend this policy of India, due to which so much civilian atrocities are going on in this region even today and this region has become the most destabilized region of the world.
War against Afghanistan was opposed by civilian, military intellectuals, Corps Commanders and people of Pakistan, but dictator was having no care about that. and was interested in his personnel interest
War against Afghanistan has caused a huge destruction in Afghanistan and large number of Pakistani civilians and military personnel’s have been killed.
Destruction of Pakistan.
War against a neighbor Muslim country, has seriously damaged Pakistan Islamic Ideology, and it is simple that without adherence to ideology, no country in the world can survive, this is the reason that now Pakistan is facing serious problem in each and every sphere of life, Institutions of Government and Military, Parliament and Judiciary are now facing serious problems as all these pillars of state have been seriously damaged by dictatorial policies.
Damage to Army:
Due to operations against its own population, Pakistan Army has lost all support of people, this is the reason that due to policies of this dictator, daily so many soldiers and Police personnel’s are loosing their lives, Instead of protecting and helping to each other, Army and people of Pakistan are cutting throats of each other, Due to operation in FATA, Balouchistan, and operation of Lal Mosque, serious damage to image of army has occurred. This dictator did not know that only relation and link between different areas and sections of people of Pakistan is that of Islam, All energy and motivation of Pakistani nation comes from Islam, without that even survival of Pakistan is simply impossible, but this dictator was having no care of that, This is the reason that army and security forces have lost all motivation, and anti social elements are committing freely their crimes.
Damage to Judicial system:
This under graduate General has caused serious damage to Judicial system of Pakistan, He was not knowing that in history when a dictator throw away any judge on street due to fair practices of justice then that Judge becomes the greatest judge of history, In Karachi on 12-05-2007,so many civilians were killed just to damage and abuse the
Judicial system of Pakistan.
Damage to Parliament:
This dictator for the lust of power in 1999 removed a prime minister who was having Two Third majority in Parliament and a fake referendum was held to validate his dictatorship in which he showed that he was having support of 98 % of people, while in fact in history even in a single constituency of Pakistan it is simply not possible for any candidate to win so much support. He re-elected himself as a president for next five years, being a government employee wearing Military Uniform, while as per Pakistan constitution it is not allowed to compete elections being in job of Government, moreover from a parliament which already has elected him president once, and was going to complete its life just in next few months.
Violent Poilicies of Non-Religious Leader Mr. Zardari..
Policies of Mr. Zardari are just concentrated on the central Idea of taking the revenge of her wife from the people of FATA and NWFP, Mr.Zardari is an incompetent person for the post of president, he has become president of Pakistan, just due to greed and selfishness of the members of Parliament, as his own party was not having even simple majority in the Parliament and Mr. Zardari is taking the revenge of her deceased wife from people of FATA, and his policy is just killing and more killing of religious people of FATA and NWFP, Thousands of civilian peoples and army soldiers have been killed but there is no tears in his eyes he wants more deaths more attacks and more violence, therefore instead of making any effort for peace he is just saying that he wants victory he want to kill extremist Taliban, he say there is no option except war, he is desiring War in his own country with his fellow country men. , on one side he is using Pakistani security forces for killing tribal’s area people and on other hand helping and persuading USA to kill these tribal’s people, so that tribal’s people in reaction will do violent protest and attacks on USA and Pakistan Security forces in reaction and then Mr.Zardari will be able to claim that these are terrorist. By this vindictive policy Mr.Zardari Just want to satisfy his sense of revenge of the death of her wife, it is true that her wife was killed by some extremist due to her irresponsible statement that she would allow USA troops in FATA for operation against Talibans but now it is not correct to kill all religious people of FATA and NWFP in reaction to death of Benazir Bhutto, it will be justified to judicially penalize to those who have killed Benazir Bhutto.
Reasons for Success of Religious Leaders and Failure of others:
All success of Quaid-e-Azam and General Zia-ul-Haq were due to trust of Pakistani Nation on them due to their commitment with Islam, Muslims and Pakistan, in proving that commitment both were very proactive while present rulers are devoid of such characteristics, due to which today tribal people who have helped Pakistan in liberating 1/3 of Kashmir, and Mujahideen who helped Pakistan in Afghan Jihad are now attacking Pakistan security forces and national assets.
Due to Quaid-e-Azam commitment and support for Islam and Muslims,he was able to compete both British Empire a World Super of that time and India second largest country of the world. In the same manner General Zia was able to give the defeat to Soviet Union a world super power,just by sensing the psychology and religious culture of people of Pakistan.
While recent non-religious and ethnocentric rulers such as Musharaf and Zardari nor have any Ideology and neither have any courage to go in masses and are even unable to control the affairs of the Capital of Pakistan,Islamabad and the city of Rawalpindi where the General Head Quarter of Pakistan Army is located, because these rulers have chronically failed in proving their sincerity with Islam, Muslims and the people of Pakistan ,Which was proved on the day of Death of Benazir Bhutto,when workers and supporters of these non-religious leaders committed each and every crime against the innocent and peaceful citizens of Pakistan, both Musharaf who was in power at that time and Zardari who was the successor of Benazir chronically failed in protecting the assets and citizens from their violent supporters, therefore now how people of Pakistan can support and trust such selfish and deceptive leaders.
It is the responsibility of world leaders specially western nations to analyze the situation scientifically, because even for Western Nations Jinnah and Zia , were more beneficial while it is quite obvious that Musharaf and Zardari who are just using guns to gain their objective will just fail, and Musharaf already had failed and the situation is highly volatile at present, therefore it is the need of time to encourage those people to come forward who can solve the crisis of Afghanistan and Pakistan peacefully with Ideological Warfare and not with deceptive politics and Guns.
Written By: Muhammad Akram Khan Niazi.

We all are responsible

we all are responsible for these circumstances ... if we keep penalizing ourselves & wont try to stop them ... they will keep eating us .. and we all deserve it because we all are selfish and happily accepting whatever taxes they are imposing, whatever inflation we are observing, whatever parts our country are being sold (like Baluchitan, Gold mines, Gas reserves etc.)...all we do, we just do the catharsis in the discussion groups, accuse govt., politicians but dont take a single practical step to stop this all ZULAM .. plz be united & think of Pakistan, not of yourself only....

West must stop these criminals !!

Faima Bhutto is 200% correct. This guy is the biggest thug. murderer and criminal Pakistan has ever seen. And he was not elected by the people. He came into power by understanding with previous traitor Musharraf who is now in hiding in the west. As long as western powers keep on supporting these criminals, they should forget about winning the hearts and minds of common Pakistani. Because of people like Zardari, there is more hatred in Paksitan for west because he is being protected by western powers.

Wake up

“It’s not the first time that criminals have come to lead nations but it is distressing to watch the White House, 10 Downing Street [the UK], the European Union support a man who before he became the president was fighting corruption cases in Switzerland and Spain and England and four charges of murder in Pakistan,” she says.

She knows very little of the world she lives in. The individuals residing in the above mentioned properties are as big criminals, if not bigger ones, then Zardari. He's a petty thief. These guys are criminal master minds who're duping the entire world with their ploys and Machiavellian schemes.

very well said... no other

very well said... no other option but to agree...

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