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AfPak - war, politics and leaks

The war in Afghanistan is in its ninth year. Debate rages over Pakistan's role in the conflict, whether there are viable governments in Kabul and Islamabad and whether the Taliban can be defeated. RFI gives you reports, analysis and interviews.

Interviews and analysis
Who will succeed Hamid Karzai? Afghanistan's 2014 election signals the end of an era
13/03/2014 - Afghanistan presidential election 2014

Afghan presidential election 2014 - your questions answered

Who's in with a chance of winning Afghanistan's 2014 presidential election? Will voters be safe? Will it be free and fair? Will it be over when it's over?

20/02/2012 - Analysis: Afghanistan - France

Most foreign troop killings by Afghan soldiers not work of Taliban, Nato admits

Taliban infiltrators have been responsible for very few of the attacks on foreign troops by Afghan soldiers, a Nato official says.

13/01/2012 - Pakistan - analysis

Is Pakistan's military plotting a coup?

Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani told parliament Friday that it had to choose democracy or dictatorship, as his tried to face down the army and the Supreme Court.
30/11/2011 - Analysis: Pakistan - Afghanistan - US

US-Pakistan relations hit low point ahead of Bonn Afghanistan conference

Pakistan’s announcement that it will boycott next week’s Bonn conference on Afghanistan signals a new low in relations with the United States, brought on by the killing of 24 Pakistani ...
21/09/2011 - Afghanistan - analysis

Who killed Burhanuddin Rabbani ... and why?

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the assassination of former Afghan president-turned-peacebroker Burhanuddin Rabbani, according to the Reuters news agency.
10/06/2011 - Afghanistan - Pakistan

Karzai in Pakistan to discuss Taliban peace talks

Afghan President Hamid Karzai arrived in Pakistan on Friday.
06/08/2010 - Afghanistan - interview Nahid Aziz

Don't exploit women to justify war, says Afghan activist

The war in Afghanistan is not going well for the US and its allies, as the recent WikiLeaks revelations have shown.
Pakistan - interview with author Fatima Bhutto
Afghanistan - interview with documentary-maker Diana Saqeb
India - Pakistan - explainer
Pakistan - UK - India - analysis
A US Marine in Marjah town
Afghanistan - analysis
Abdullah Abdullah
Afghanistan - interview
Dossier: Pakistan General Election 2013
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