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Article published the Tuesday 28 September 2010 - Latest update : Tuesday 28 September 2010

Students’ legs amputated after Manila bombing

A victim of Sunday's bombing
James Torrico


Two female law students in the Philippines have had legs amputated after being caught in a bombing on the final day of bar exams in Manila on Sunday. Police believe the blast, which injured 47, was the result of a feud between student fraternities.


One of the victims, Raissa Laurel, swore that she would still become a lawyer after doctors amputated both her legs, according to ABS-CBN News. She said a bomb placed in a small box exploded in front of her.
Another student, who has not been named, had her left leg amputated, while doctors on Tuesday were struggling to save her right leg and left hand.  
Police say that the blast was caused by an MK-2 fragmentation grenade, parts of which have been found at the site of the blast. They say that a witness has identified the alleged perpetrator as Jed Carlos Lazaga, a law student at a university on the southern island of Cebu.
The attack took place during street celebrations at the end of bar examinations at Manila’s De La Salle University. Police believe that it is linked to a war between rival student fraternities, although one of the groups allegedly involved denies this is the case.


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