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Article published the Wednesday 28 November 2012 - Latest update : Wednesday 28 November 2012

Russian chef offers reward for French colleague's lost cookbook

Foie gras with asparagus
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A top French chef has lost a book containing 20 years’ worth of recipes and a Russian colleague has offered a 10,000-euro reward for its recovery.

Michelin two-star French chef Thierry Drapeau has lost his precious notebook, in which he had written down recipes over 20 years, while on a trip to Russia.

It mysteriously disappeared while he was giving masterclasses in Yekaterinburg, the biggest city in Russia's Urals region, the Interfax news agency reported.

Russian chef Mikhail Kovalev, who runs a restaurant in Yekaterinburg and played host to Drapeau in the city, has offered the reward, declaring that helping his colleague was his “duty”.

"He arrived in Yekaterinburg at our invitation and we want him to keep good memories of the city and its inhabitants," he added.

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