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Article published the Saturday 12 January 2013 - Latest update : Saturday 12 January 2013

Turkish PM Erdogan demands Hollande explains meetings with murdered Kurdish activist

Kurdish women on the demonstration outside Paris's Gare de l'Est on Saturday
Reuters/Christian Hartmann


Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tauuip Erdogan challenged French President François Hollande to explain why he had “regularly” met one of the three Kurdish activists killed this week in Paris. Thousands of Kurds from all over Europe demonstrated in the French capital on Saturday, many accusing France of complicity in the slayings.

"France must immediately clarify” the killings, Erdogan said on Turkish television and he went on to demand that Hollande explain why he is “in communication with these terrorists".

Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Soylemez were found dead on Thursday at the Kurdistan Information Centre in the French capital's 10th district

Hollande said the murder of was "terrible", adding that he knew one of the Kurdish women and that she "regularly met us".

Cansiz was a founding member of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which took up arms in 1984 for Kurdish self-rule in south-eastern Turkey.

Ankara considers it a “terrorist” organisation, as do the US and the European Union.

"How can he regularly meet with these people who are members of a group listed as a terrorist organisation by the European Union and who are wanted under red bulletin [issued by Interpol]?" Erdogan asked.

Cansiz was arrested in Germany in November 2012 but released despite a Turkish demand that she be extradited, Erdogan said, adding that Ankara had told France that she was in Paris but that it had taken no action on the matter.

Turkish intelligence has launched its own inquiry into the execution-style killings, according to the English-language Hurriyet Daily News, which also reports that the bodies will be shipped back to Turkey for burial and that Cansiz attended peace talks in Oslo.

The PKK has also demanded that France solve the mystery of the killings, saying that it would hold the French state responsible if it failed to do so.

Kurdish groups echoed the call in leaflets on the Paris demonstration.

Erdogan on Saturday repeated government claims that the killings were carried out by PKK members, hinting that it could have been aimed at sabotaging a tentative peace deal reached with the organisation’s jailed leader, Abdullah Ocalan.

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Comments (3)

Mr Erdogan thinks that all

Mr Erdogan thinks that all president are like him that close their door to their people. France is a Free Country and while someone is not at jail it means he is not danger for the people around and the society they live in.the one of those Kurdish heros who met Mr.President François Hollande has not done any sin. she was a citizenship of France and probably tendency to François Hollande political party it was why she met the member of the party sometimes. if it is not clear for you it is not Mr.President François Hollande problem. it is your that cannot understand the concept of the idea.

Mr. Erdogan is correct ion

Mr. Erdogan is correct ion demanding an explanantion from France; Hollande must explain why he was in regular contact with a terrorist organization, which cuase the death of many adults as well as babies... Perhaps France's role in undermining Turkey goes beyond EU.

these people recognized as

these people recognized as terrorists by EU and US. I do not understand why this newspaper call them activists.
P.S These people also looked for by Interpol. How come someone in Interpol's book known by PM.

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