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Jérémie Rénier as Captain Antarès Bonassieu in Clément Cogitore's The Wakhan Front selected for the Critics'  Week at Cannes
22/05/2015 - Cannes Film Festival 2015

Cannes Critics' Week loves Latin America, French entry still in running for first feature award

The 54th Semaine de la Critique, the Critics' Week parallel festival, awarded its prizes on Thursday evening ahead of the Director's Fortnight, the Queer Palm and the official competition this ...
Actor Antonythasan Jesuthasan, director Jacques Audiard, actors Claudine Vinasithamby and Kalieaswari Srinivasan from the film Dheepan in competition at the 68th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, 21 May 2015
21/05/2015 - CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2015

Civil war stories from Sri Lanka contribute to French film Dheepan

French director Jacques Audiard’s film Dheepan, in competition at the 68th Cannes Film Festival, combines refugees from Sri Lanka’s former civil war with gang warfare in French housing ...
The Kwid, the new Renault budget car .
21/05/2015 - France - India

French car maker Renault to conquer India with new budget car

The Kwid is the new Renault budget car, launched on Wednesday, is designed to conquer India. Its price is 300,000 rupees or 4,000 euros.

21/05/2015 - CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2015

Two distinct worlds in Chinese-language cinema meet in Cannes

Both are leading film makers in Chinese. Both are vying for the Golden Palm at the 68th Festival.

A Rohingya child being identified in Kuala Langsa, Indonesia on May 18, 2015.
20/05/2015 - MYANMAR

Who are the Rohingyas, the "most persecuted minority in the world"?

Malaysia and Indonesia have announced Wednesday they would no longer turn away boat people.

Yingluck Shinawatra arriving at the Supreme court in Bangkok, 19 May 2015.
19/05/2015 - Thailand

Thailand's Yingluck Shinawatra corruption case politically motivated, analysts

Former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra pleaded not guilty Monday at a brief hearing at the start of a trial in which she stands accused of negligence.
Still from Gurvinder Singh's 'Chauthi Koot'
19/05/2015 - CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2015

A fresh crop of films from India dispels the Bollywood-only myth at Cannes

Two films in the Festival’s Un Certain Regard section come from India this year. In this competition section, the entries are nearly always first or second auteur features, i.e.
A group of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis rescued by local fishing boats off the coast of Indonesia.
15/05/2015 - Indonesia - Malaysia - Thailand

1,000 rescued from abandoned ships in south-east Asia

Close to 1,000 Rohingya from Myanmar and Bangladeshi asylum seekers and migrants disembarked on Friday after a grisly weeks’ long odyssey at sea in south-east Asia, the International Office of ...
Senegalese President Macky Sall
12/05/2015 - SENEGAL

Senegal sends soldiers to Yemen, triggering debate, protest

Senegal is sending more than 2,000 soldiers to Riyadh to help Saudi Arabia fight rebels in Yemen.
Nepalese police to rescue earthquake victims, Sankhu, Nepal, 12 May 2015.
12/05/2015 - Nepal

Second quake in Nepal, Paris deploys crisis unit

A 7.3-magnitude aftershock struck Nepal on Tuesday, killing at least 16 people and injuring 335, just two weeks after the devastating quake that killed more than 8,150 people and injured more than ...
Djibouti President Ismail Omar Guelleh: China "welcome"
11/05/2015 - DJIBOUTI

'Historic' Chinese military base to open in Horn of Africa

China is negotiating a military base in the strategic port of Djibouti, an historic development that would see the US and China each have bases in the small nation that guards the entrance to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal.

The Promenade des Anglais in Nice
09/05/2015 - FRANCE - China

6,000 Chinese break world record in Nice

Thousands of Chinese tourists set a new world record in the south of France on Friday.
A demonstration in the Philippines in April calls for the lifting of the death sentence on Filipina Mary Jane Veloso
07/05/2015 - FRANCE - indonesia

Indonesia postpones death row Frenchman’s appeal to 13 May

A Frenchman on death row in Indonesia for drug convictions has had the start of his appeal postponed to 13 May, meaning he may be spared the firing squad for some time.

Dassault's Rafale fighter jet - selling at last
06/05/2015 - INDE

France's defence minister seals Rafale sale with India

France’s Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian met his Indian counterpart today for final talks on the sale of 36 Rafale fighter jets to India.
Hillary and Bill Clinton in Iowa, September 2014
03/05/2015 - KENYA-US

Bill Clinton tours Africa as donation foundation scandal bites Hillary

Former US President Bill Clinton wrapped up a three-day visit in Kenya on Sunday, as part of a nine-day African trip for the family's foundation.
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