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Michael Fitzpatrick

French press review 6 October 2015

Tax evasion by multinational corporations will soon be a thing of the past. Pigs will fly.

African press review 6 October 2015

The former Nigerian oil minister arrested last week is back in the news in London. Governance is going backwards in Africa. So, sadly, are economic growth prospects.

French weekly magazines review 4 October 2015

Is the outcome of December's Paris climate conference a foregone conclusion? Are the French correct in thinking they can't afford to take in more migrants?

French press review 3 October 2015

Syria invited itself to yesterday's four-nation summit on Ukraine, and completely stole the show. French economic growth figures trail behind European averages.

African press review 3 October 2015

A former Nigerian oil minister is released on bail in London, arrested by officers investigating suspected bribery and money-laundering offences. Burundi is to get less aid cash from Belgium.

French press review 2 October 2015

As Russian aircraft continue to bomb targets in Syria, and a conference opens in Paris to assess the progress of peace in Ukraine, it's not too surprising to find Russian President Vladimir Putin on ...

African press review 2 October 2015

A South African bill on the private security industry is likely to strain relations between Washington and Pretoria, and could see the US vote against further development funds for Jacob Zuma's ...

French weekly magazines review 27 September 2015

The Volkswagen pollution scandal continues to give off fumes. There's praise for an old socialist and blanket condemnation of his descendants.

French press review 26 September 2015

There's a look at the challenges facing the new man in the driving seat at troubled German carmaker Volkswagen.

African press review 26 September 2015

Teachers are back on the front pages in Kenya, but is their strike on or off? Why there will soon be no place for unregistered mobile phones in east Africa.