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Michael Fitzpatrick

African press review 20 April 2015

A warning to those organising violence against foreigners in South Africa, the possibility that the Kenyan armed forces trained some of the young men now fighting for the Al-Shebab militia and ...

French press review 20 April 2015

Possible flaws in a new law governing negotiations between employers and staff, the misspending of World Bank funds by independent investors and another immigrant disaster in the Mediterranen.

French weekly magazines review 19 April 2015

A family murder that never happened, a hard look at proposed reforms of the secondary school system, what happens to sacked government ministers and a posthumous book by Charb, one of the cartoonists ...

African press review 18 April 2015

Xenophobia continues to make front-page news in South Africa, Kenya's president shakes up the army and the cabinet, the UN Security Council is worried about Burundi and another United Nations agency ...

French press review 18 April 2015

The future of democracy in Europe is threatened by the Greek debt crisis, all is not well in the world of big business and things are not getting any better for President François Hollande, ...

African press review 17 April 2015

The South African president addresses parliament on the subject of xenophobic attacks, the governor of Nairobi faces eight hours of questioning on alleged financial misdeeds, while another Kenyan MP ...

French press review 17 April 2015

Big businesses in big trouble, a nuclear war that could cost France its prime position in the global market for atomic electricity, crtitics who say the education minister could do better on proposed ...

French weekly magazines review 12 April 2015

Mixed reactions to the recently signed nuclear deal with Iran, a profile of the most influential man in France, a warning about the dangers posed by robots and the challenges facing Nigeria's newly ...

African press review 11 April 2015

Queen Victoria goes green in Port Elizabeth, as the US and South Africa fight a chicken war. Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan continue to make progress on the Renaissance Dam project.

French press review 11 April 2015

More trouble for the far-right Front National. There are grave concerns about the proposed law on information gathering by the police. The people of Cuba look forward to better days.