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Michael Fitzpatrick

African press review 6 March 2015

Boko Haram murders again. Jonathan asserts that the Chibok girls are still alive. The last Ebola patient in Liberia is discharged. More and more South Africans are sinking into debt.

French press review 6 March 2015

France’s ruling Socialists fear a drubbing in regional elections. The government promises to clean up the ghettos but doesn’t seem to have the money. Is gender parity in France improving?

African press review 5 March 2015

Lesotho gets a change of government. SA weapons exports fall. Kagame may not wish to bow out as Rwanda's leader. Nigeria hopes that its petrol shortage will soon be over.

French press review 5 March 2015

China's growth slows. Nuclear giant Areva loses billions and there's debate about the reasons and who should foot the bill.

African press review 4 March 2015

SA's unions are split over scandal allegations. The Mugabes' alleged dairy debts leave a bitter taste in Zimbabwe. Nigeria is accused of preventing Chad pursuing Boko Haram on its territory.

French press review 4 March 2015

War boosts illegal immigration to Europe. There are varied reactions to Benjamin Netanyahu's speed to the US Congress. And French MPs want to tighten up the law on racist hate-speech.


African press review 3 March 2015

In Burundi, the top story this morning is the weekend prison break involving opposition political figure, Hussein Radjabu.


French press review 3 March 2015

The newspaper distributers are on strike this morning, so we're forced to fall back on the web sites of the various publications.


French press review 2 March 2015

We don't often start these Press Reviews with a look at the sports pages, but this seems like a good morning to break that habit.