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Mohamed Sheikh Noor
Tackling illegal fishing: part 2/5
29/04/2014 - International report

Tackling illegal fishing: part 2/5

Local fishing boats and international fleets criss-cross Somalia’s three thousand-mile long Indian Ocean coastline in search of dozens of types of fish.
Al Shebab fighters in Somalia
01/11/2013 - Report: Somalia - Kenya

Civilians killed as Kenyan jets bomb al-Shebab strongholds, eyewitnesses

Kenyan military jets bombed several strongholds of the Islamist Al-Shebab militia in the south of Somalia, killing dozens of people Thursday.
03/02/2012 - Somalia - report

Somalia world's most failed state, says UK Foreign Secretary Hague in Mogadishu

Somalia is the "world's most failed state", said William Hague on the first visit by a British Foreign Secretary to Mogadishu for 20 years Thursday.

Somalia finds new lease of life
19/12/2011 - International report

Somalia finds new lease of life

Somalia is unfortunately one of the country's most often associated with violence and lawlessness. But that may now be changing.
23/11/2011 - Somalia

Slideshow: Mental health centre in Mogadishu

Somalia has one of the world’s highest rates of mental-health disorders.
Decades of war ravage mental health in Somalia
23/11/2011 - International report

Decades of war ravage mental health in Somalia

Two decades of almost continuous conflict in Somalia has resulted in the loss of countless lives, jobs and homes.
19/08/2011 - Turkey - Somalia - report

Turkey's Erdogan visits famine-hit Somalia in Islamic aid push

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan starts a visit to drought-hit Somalia Friday on a trip which is considered particularly dangerous

27/02/2011 - Somalia - From our correspondent

Widowed and displaced, women find ways to survive Somali conflict

Many Somali women have lost their husbands and eldest sons, who either died in the country's conflict or simply left home to emigrate to another country.

12/02/2011 - Somalia

Street kids face drugs, sex abuse, militias in wartorn Mogadishu

The ongoing civil war in Somalia has taken the lives of many parents whose children end up living on the street.
31/10/2010 - Somalia - From our correspondent

Somalia approves new prime minister

Somalia's parliament has approved the appointment of Mohamed Abdullahii Mohamed as the country's new prime minister.