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A sweat shirt is stretched over the barbs to protect asylum seekers who climb over the fence near the railroad tracks close to the Channel Tunnel site in Calais, northern France, July 29, 2015.
29/07/2015 - France-UK

France to send extra police to Calais after migrant dies

France is to send 120 extra police officers to Calais in a bid to secure the Eurotunnel, the French interior minister announced on Wednesday.
29/07/2015 - France-Iran

Fabius delivers presidential invitation to Rouhani as relations post-deal thaw

France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius arrived in Teheran on Wednesday seeking to revive relations with Iran, after this month's historic nuclear deal.
French farmers block the entrance of a dairy in Ancenis on 23 July 2015.
28/07/2015 - France

French farmers stand their ground with barricades and factory controls

Livestock farmers set up barricades and inspections of factory suppliers and slaughterhouses in several regions to demand a rise in prices.
Tautavel Man's skull
28/07/2015 - France

560,000-year-old tooth found in southern France

Two students found a human tooth estimated to be 560,000 years old in the southern French village of Tautavel last week.
Jean-Marie Le Pen at the High Court of Nanterre, 12 June
28/07/2015 - FRANCE

French court confirms ruling to reinstate Jean-Marie Le Pen

A French court has confirmed a ruling suspending a vote by far-right Front National (FN) members who had hoped to strip the party's long-time leader Jean-Marie Le Pen of his title of honorary president.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius will be in Iran on Wednesday
28/07/2015 - FRANCE - IRAN

Bad blood between France's Fabius and hardliners in Iran

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius's visit to Iran on Wednesday will be a key test of the relationship between Tehran and Paris, French President Francois Hollande says, as hardliners in Iran ...
Logo for the No Boston Olympics campaign
28/07/2015 - Sports

Los Angeles ready to step into the fray, as Boston drops 2024 Olympic Games bid

Boston on Monday dropped its bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games due to lack of support from the public, but the International Olympic Committee says it is confident of finding another strong ...
27/07/2015 - France

Gironde fire official on Day 4 of forest blaze: 'It's a long battle'

The southwestern Gironde region of France is in its fourth day of efforts to quell flames that have ravaged more than 570 hectares of land. About 500 firefighters are on the ground each day to fight what is one of the biggest fires France has seen in the last five years.

French police secure the Champs Elysees after a car drove through barriers nearby set up for the final stage of the Tour de France in Paris, 26 July 2015
27/07/2015 - France

Teen turns himself in after car smashes Tour de France barrier

A 16-year-old has handed himself into police and confessed to smashing through security barriers of the Tour de France route in Paris, prompting police to open fire as the car sped away from a checkpoint Sunday.

British Finance Minister George Osborne
27/07/2015 - France - United Kingdom

UK finance minister Osborne in Paris to push EU reform

British finance minister George Osborne is in Paris to drum up support for a reformed European bloc amid reports London could hold its referendum on European Union membership next year.