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A photo of the Rafale warplane, released by the French defence ministry at the start of its military intervention in Syria last September
16/11/2015 - FRANCE-SYRIA

France hits back, striking IS in Syria after Paris attacks

French warplanes pounded the Islamic State group's de facto capital in Syria on Sunday, in the first such strikes since a wave of coordinated attacks killed at least 132 people and injured hundreds ...
A man walks past an empty parking space where one of two cars used by Paris gunmen was found and removed by police in the Paris suburb of Montreuil.
15/11/2015 - PARIS ATTACKS

Car used in terror attacks found in suburb of Paris

A black Seat, which was used by one group of terrorists to attack two of the six locations, was found in the eastern suburb on Montreuil.
US Obama to still participate in UN climate conference to be held in Paris despite Friday's terror attacks.
14/11/2015 - France - COP21

Obama’s participation in COP21 still on, says official

US President Barack Obama still plans to participate in the UN conference on climate change (COP21) that will take place on the outskirts of Paris a fortnight, despite terror attacks that killed 128 ...
French President Francois Hollande addresses the nation on Saturday following the terror attacks in Paris.
14/11/2015 - France

Hollande blames IS armed group for Paris terror attacks

French President Francois Hollande blamed the Islamic State Armed Group for the attacks in Paris that left at least 128 dead, calling them an "act of war".

US President Barack Obama said the attacks were not just on France but on humanity.
14/11/2015 - France

World leaders condemn Paris terror attacks

US President Barack Obama led a chorus of global condemnation of a wave of attacks in Paris on Friday that left more than 120 people dead, as nations pledged solidarity with France.

A forensic expert at the scene of Cafe La Belle Equipe, one of the places targetted by terrorists on Friday night.
14/11/2015 - France

First attacker in Paris killings identified

French police identify a 29-year-old Frenchman as one of seven terrorists who killed at least 129 people and wounded more than 350 in Paris on Friday.

Claude Guéant leaving the tribunal in Paris on 13 November 2015
13/11/2015 - FRANCE

Former French interior minister sentenced in cash trial

A court in Paris has given Claude Gueant, a close aide of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, a two-year suspended jail sentence and fined 75,000 euros for his role in misusing public funds at ...
French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, August 2015
13/11/2015 - FRANCE

France unveils plan against firearms trafficking

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve unveiled on Friday a plan to fight proliferation and arms trafficking in France.
Logo of Paris's coming COP21 climate conference
13/11/2015 - FRANCE-COP21

France reintroduces border checks ahead of UN climate talks

France has reintroduced border checks as part of its security-tightening measures ahead of UN climate talks. The Cop21 Paris climate conference opens on 30 November in the French capital.

Euro cent coins
13/11/2015 - FRANCE

France’s economy improves in third quarter

Economic growth in France expanded by 0.3 per cent in the third quarter of 2015 according to the national statistics agency on Friday.