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Tony Cross
19/12/2012 - Analysis: France - Algeria

Hollande under pressure over France's colonial past on Algeria visit

French President François Hollande started a two-day trip to Algeria on Wednesday.
18/12/2012 - France - Afghanistan - Uzbekistan

Alleged Uzbek jihad fundraisers face trial in France

Ten men, most of them Turkish, went on trial in Paris on Monday, accused of raising funds for the Al Qaida-linked group, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU).
18/12/2012 - Afghanistan - France

Taliban, Karzai allies to attend Afghanistan meeting in France

The Taliban are to attend a conference near Paris along with supporters of President Hamid Karzai and peaceful opposition parties this week.

15/12/2012 - France - Afghanistan

Last French combat troops quit Afghanistan

The last French combat troops left Afghanistan at 2.30pm local time Saturday, fulfilling one President François Hollande’s campaign promises.
22/11/2012 - France

Hollande government flip-flops on gay marriage

French President François Hollande has been caught in a series of embarrassing contradictions over the proposal to legalise same-sex marriage this week.
18/11/2012 - Analysis: France

The statesman or the attack dog? Sarkozy party elects new leader

France’s mainstream right-wing opposition party, the UMP, votes Sunday for a new president in a much-publicised contest that is more about style than content.
14/11/2012 - France

Hollande denies right turn in economic policy after six months in power

With his standing in opinion polls at a record low and unemployment continuing to climb, French President François Hollande defended his economic policy and stood by Prime Minister Jean-Marc ...
07/11/2012 - Analysis: Pakistan - US

Zardari congratulates reelected Obama but US-Pakistan relations remain bumpy

Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday congratulated Barack Obama on being reelected to the White House.
25/10/2012 - US presidential elections 2012

Not just Obama and Romney - who's standing in US presidential election 2012?

More than 40 per cent of people polled around the world would like to vote in American elections. Tough luck!
02/10/2012 - Analysis: France

French parliament to pass European fiscal pact ... thanks to François's fairweather friends

France’s Socialist-led government faces political embarrassment this month as it asks parliament to ratify the European fiscal pact, sure that it can rely on the votes of the right-wing ...