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Tony Cross
22/11/2012 - France

Hollande government flip-flops on gay marriage

French President François Hollande has been caught in a series of embarrassing contradictions over the proposal to legalise same-sex marriage this week.
18/11/2012 - Analysis: France

The statesman or the attack dog? Sarkozy party elects new leader

France’s mainstream right-wing opposition party, the UMP, votes Sunday for a new president in a much-publicised contest that is more about style than content.
14/11/2012 - France

Hollande denies right turn in economic policy after six months in power

With his standing in opinion polls at a record low and unemployment continuing to climb, French President François Hollande defended his economic policy and stood by Prime Minister Jean-Marc ...
07/11/2012 - Analysis: Pakistan - US

Zardari congratulates reelected Obama but US-Pakistan relations remain bumpy

Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday congratulated Barack Obama on being reelected to the White House.
25/10/2012 - US presidential elections 2012

Not just Obama and Romney - who's standing in US presidential election 2012?

More than 40 per cent of people polled around the world would like to vote in American elections. Tough luck!
02/10/2012 - Analysis: France

French parliament to pass European fiscal pact ... thanks to François's fairweather friends

France’s Socialist-led government faces political embarrassment this month as it asks parliament to ratify the European fiscal pact, sure that it can rely on the votes of the right-wing ...
27/09/2012 - France

Right-wing leader claims 'anti-white racism' growing in France

The man who wants to succeed ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy at the head of France’s main right-wing party has caused a furore with a claim that “anti-white racism” is spreading ...
24/09/2012 - Analysis: France

Hollande slumps in polls ... and it could get worse

After four months in power President François Hollande has suffered a massive drop in popularity, his government is split over the eurozone fiscal pact and companies continue to lay workers ...
31/08/2012 - France

Art exhibitions in Paris, autumn-winter 2012

From guaranteed crowd pleasers – Dali at the Pompidou, Hopper at the Grand Palais – to the quieter pleasures of Raphael at the Louvre, Canaletto at the Musée Mailllol and tea at ...
24/08/2012 - Analysis: France's new government

Socialists face tough questions after three months in power

France’s ruling Socialists will have to explain their failure to deliver on election promises to the party rank and file at their annual summer school in the west-coast town of La Rochelle this weekend.