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Tony Cross
Asif Ali Zardari (L) and Bilawal Bhutto
27/04/2013 - Pakistan elections 2013 - the parties

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) - fighting to stay in power

The Pakistan People’s Party, standing under the banner of Pakistan People's Party Parliamentarians (PPPP), is trying to hold on to power after a bumpy ride at the head of the country for the ...
29/03/2013 - Analysis: France

Hollande enrages enemies, disappoints supporters in key TV interview

President François Hollande’s attempt to revive his flagging popularity in a long TV interview does not seem to have succeeded.
29/03/2013 - France

Right and hard left slam Hollande's TV appearance

Nearly eight million people watched President François Hollande’s lengthy interview with a star TV presenter on Thursday evening - lower than the almost 10 million who watched him last ...
27/03/2013 - France

Dali Pompidou exhibition beats all attendance records ... except his own

A massive 790,090 people visited the Salvador Dali exhibition at Paris’s Pompidou Centre, which closed on Monday night after a four-month run.
21/03/2013 - France

French government survives confidence vote despite minister's resignation

Jean-Marc Ayrault’s government survived a no-confidence vote in the French parliament on Tuesday. No surprises there

27/02/2013 - France

Time for Outrage! author, Stéphane Hessel, dies, aged 95

French President François Hollande has hailed the “exceptional life” of Stéphane Hessel, the former resistance fighter and diplomat who summoned today’s youth to ...
18/02/2013 - France

Art exhibitions in Paris, spring-summer 2013

After winter blockbusters – Hopper at over 780,000 visitors, Dali still going – Paris’s museums have calmed down a bit in the new year.
12/02/2013 - Analysis: Horse-for-beef scandal

Dobbingate - Why not eat horse?

British politicians blame an “international criminal conspiracy”, Romania’s prime minister angrily denies his country provided the horsemeat found in Findus burgers and the EU has ...
20/12/2012 - Mayan calendar prophesy

The world is going to end ... but not today

One good thing about denying that the end of the world is nigh is that, if you’re proved wrong, no-one’s going to tell you – unless you believe we have souls that sit around scoring ...
19/12/2012 - Analysis: France - Algeria

Hollande under pressure over France's colonial past on Algeria visit

French President François Hollande started a two-day trip to Algeria on Wednesday.