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The Paris Picasso Museum's new director Laurent Le Bon
25/07/2014 - France

Picasso daughter donates works to Paris museum ahead of October reopening

Pablo Picasso’s oldest daughter is to donate a drawing and a sketchbook to Paris’s Picasso museum when it opens after five years of closure that were dogged by controversy.

The Winged Vivtory of Samothrace is one of the Louvre's best-known works
24/07/2014 - France

Louvre, Musée d’Orsay and Versailles Palace may open seven days a week

Paris’s Louvre and d’Orsay museums and the Versailles Palace could soon open every day of the week as visitor numbers grow and state subsidies fall, sources at the French culture ...

Robyn Orlin : At the Same Time we Were Pointing.
14/07/2014 - Report: Avignon Theatre Festival 2014

Robyn Orlin's thoroughly modern spectacle intrigues at Avignon

South African choreographer Robyn Orlin directs the Senegalese JANT-BI troupe in the heftily-titled At the Same Time We Were Pointing a Finger at You, We Realised We Were ...

Satoshi Miyagi's Mahabharata – Nalacharitam
14/07/2014 - Report: Avignon Theatre Festival 2014

Satoshi Miyagi's stunning Mahabharata matches perfect setting near Avignon

Beauty .... on stage and off, in Satoshi Miyagi’s telling of one of the stories told in the ancient Indian epic, the Mahabharata. RFI’s Rosslyn Hyams reports.

Falstafe, a production by Lazare Herson-Macarel, from a work by Valère Novarina, based on Shakespeare's Henri IV
14/07/2014 - Report: Avignon Theatre Festival 2014

Avignon's youngest troupe pulls it off in childlike Falstafe

A key priority of the new management at the Avignon Festival under stage director Olivier Py, is encouraging and showcasing young people’s talents.

13/07/2014 - Report: Avignon theatre festival 2014

Youth take the stage in Avignon Festival

One of the thrusts of the new management at the Avignon Festival under stage director Olivier Py, is youth, including stage-craft by and/or for young people.

Avignon festival director Olivier Py pictured on March 20, 2014.
12/07/2014 - France

Shows nixed at Avignon Theatre Festival Saturday as French arts workers strike

Six of the thirteen performances scheduled for this Saturday at the renowned Avignon Festival have been cancelled over strikes, according to the festival’s director Olivier Py.

Vitrioli directed by Olivier Py
11/07/2014 - Report: Avignon theatre festival 2014

Vitrioli - violence and desperation in devastated Greece

Vitrioli, in Greek by Greek-Canadian Yannis Mavritsakis, is directed by Olivier Py, who heads the Avignon Festival for ...

Orlando or Impatience in Avignon
11/07/2014 - Report: Avignon theatre festival 2014

Orlando or Impatience - biting but poetic comedy at Avignon

A biting comedy with topical references and a philosophical ring - not to mention a sado-masochistic culture minister is director Olivier Py's offering at this years Avignon Festival.

06/07/2014 - France

Avignon Theatre Festival continues despite early cancellations

Avignon's famed arts festival is now in full swing after the two opening shows were cancelled on Friday due to strike action.

04/07/2014 - Brazil World Cup 2014

Volkswagen employees head home early to watch football clash with France

German fans are gearing up for the upcoming clash against France in the World Cup quarter-finals this Friday, including Volkswagen employees who can go home early to watch the match starting at ...

Wine and champagne on the prohibition list.
04/07/2014 - France

Wine to be banned in French office drinks parties

France on Thursday allowed employers to ban wine from the workplace. The traditional office drinks party might be a thing of the past. 

A vineyard in Pommard, Côte de Beaune, Burgundy
29/06/2014 - France

Storms ravage Burgundy vines, French rock festival evacuated

Vineyards in Burgundy were ravaged by hail during storms that hit much of France on Saturday night.

A worker packs boxes at Amazon's logistics centre in Graben, Germany
27/06/2014 - France - US

France bans Amazon free delivery of discount books

French MPs on Thursday unanimously voted to stop online retailers like Amazon from offering free deliveries on discounted books, in a move to protect the country’s small bookshops.

A painting of horses from the Grotte Chauvet
22/06/2014 - France - Unesco

French cave with world’s oldest paintings placed on Unesco World Heritage list

A French cave containing the oldest known paintings in the world has been declared a World Heritage Site but the UN’s cultural arm, Unesco.

Musicians perform during the fête de la musique in Nantes in 2011
21/06/2014 - France

Paris bar owners boycott annual music festival

Disgruntled Paris bar owners were to boycott France’s annual day of music in the streets, the Fête de la Musique, on Saturday.

A demonstration in front of the culture ministry in Paris this month
21/06/2014 - France

Avignon festival under threat from stage hands' strike

The Avignon theatre festival and France’s other summer arts festivals may not take place due to a strike threat by stage-hands and other arts-support workers.

The poster for The Silence of the Lambs
20/06/2014 - France

France’s female Hannibal Lecter cooks husband’s heart, nose, genitals

A 71-year-old Frenchwoman is to undergo psychiatric testing after killing her husband and cooking his heart, nose and genitals.

Baccalauréat exam at lycée Clémenceau, Nantes,  16 June 2011.
16/06/2014 - France

French Baccalauréat kicks off with philosophy exam

"Should we do everything to be happy?" or "Is an artist the master of his work?

Performing artists protesting in Paris, 2 June 2014.
16/06/2014 - France

Performing artists around France protest against reforms of the unemployment system

Stage and screen actors as well as theatre and film technicians are protesting around France on Monday against planned reforms to their special unemployment scheme.

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