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30/08/2014 - France

French students want more scholarships

With the start of the new school year next week, the National Union of Students in France (UNEF) says the government is not providing enough financial aid to prospective students.

30/08/2014 - France

New measures announced to help real estate sector in France

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls unveiled a series of measures on Friday to boost the real estate sector in France, in an aim to kick-start the struggling economy.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls with boss of bosses Pierre Gattaz at the Medef summer shcool this week
29/08/2014 - France

French companies’ dividend payouts soar as jobless wait for investment rise

Despite the economic crisis, the amount French companies pay out in dividends has soared to a European record, a study showed this week, raising questions about the Socialist government’s ...

This year's Tour de France had to battle rain in July
29/08/2014 - France

Cold shower for French tourism as August Paris’s rainiest month this year

August has been the rainiest month of this year in Paris and the rest of France has also suffered from unseasonal downpours, costing the country’s tourist industry as much as 800 million ...

France's new Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron
28/08/2014 - France

France’s Socialists in disarray as new economy minister questions 35-hour week

France’s Socialists were in disarray on Thursday after the publication of an interview in which the new economy minister called for businesses to dodge the 35-hour work week law.

Paris-Orly Sud airport, south of Paris
28/08/2014 - France

Air France pilots to strike in September

Airline pilots at Air France are to strike from 15-22 September.

Outgoing economy minister Arnaud Montebourg hands over to his successor, Emmanuel Macron
27/08/2014 - Analysis: France

Hollande replaces left-winger with banker in French cabinet reshuffle as economy fails to revive

The second reshuffle of France’s government in five months signals a definitive breach by President François Hollande with the left wing of his Socialist Party.

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde
27/08/2014 - France

IMF boss Lagarde charged with negligence in 2008 French corruption case

International Monetary Fund (IMF) boss Christine Lagarde on Wednesday said she had no intention of resigning

French President François Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Tuesday
27/08/2014 - France

New French government under fire from left and right

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls’s reshuffled cabinet drew criticism from the Socialist government’s opponents after its composition was announced on Tuesday.

IMF head Christine Lagarde
26/08/2014 - France - IMF

IMF chief Lagarde faces fourth round of questioning in French corruption case

International Monetary Fund (IMF) boss Christine Lagarde on Tuesday faced questioning for the fourth time in a mulit-million-euro corruption case linked to her time as a minister under former ...

Arnaud Montebourg
25/08/2014 - France

French economy minister slams austerity in bombshell resignation speech

Arnaud Montebourg delivered a blistering attack on the austerity policies favoured by the French president and prime minister as he walked away from his job as economy minster in a dramatic press ...

20/08/2014 - France

China cuts back on French luxury items

France is feeling the pinch of a decline in demand of cognac from China, its largest importer.

18/08/2014 - Interview - Technology

M-Pesa mobile money brings African technology to Europe: 'sky's the limit' says founder

African technology has migrated to Europe with the launch of the mobile money technology M-Pesa in Romania.

François Hollande and Manuel Valls meet at the Fort Bregançon on August 15, 2014 on sideline of WWII tribute.
17/08/2014 - France

French government sticks to economic plan despite zero growth

The French government made clear Sunday that it would not budge from its current economic policies despite showing zero growth during the second quarter.

13/08/2014 - France

Industrial production in Eurozone slows down

The euro fell against the dollar on Wednesday with the news that industrial production in the eurozone fell by 0.3 percent in June.

08/08/2014 - France

2014 French growth will be lower than expected

French industrial production decreased by 0.5% in the second quarter that may lead to a lower than expected 2014 growth rate.

08/08/2014 - France - Europe

French farmers fear market saturation after Russian ban on agricultural products

Agriculture experts are calculating the cost of the Russian wide-ranging ban on food and agricultural products that came into effect this week.

France exports 50,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables to Russia each year.
07/08/2014 - France - Europe - Russia

French farmers worry over Russian food embargo

Russia’s reprisal against Western sanctions has caused worry in France’s already struggling agriculture sector that a ban on exports could saturate the market at home.

06/08/2014 - France

France wants more charging stations for electric cars

A new law that encourages the use of electric cars in France was promulgated on Wednesday.

06/08/2014 - France - Germany

Germany sticks to economic policy despite French appeal

The German government said that it will not modify its European economic policy.

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