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Eurozone in crisis
Greek police face Molotov cocktails during anti-austerity protests

The European single currency has been plunged into crisis. Austerity is all the rage thanks to the Greek debts crisis and its aftermath throughout the eurozone. Why did it all happen? Will the euro survive? And what will it mean for Europeans and the rest of the world?

28/06/2012 - Analysis: Eurozone crisis

Hollande-Merkel fail to agree on eurobonds ahead of Euro-summit

Like a celebrity couple denying rumours of impending divorce, France and Germany insist that everything is fine between them. But, at a meeting French President François Hollande on Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel refused to budge

10/05/2012 - Analysis: France's new president

Hollande to meet Merkel hours after swearing-in to discuss eurozone debt crisis

France's new president François Hollande will fly to Berlin within hours of his swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday for a working dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and talks on the ...
08/05/2012 - Analysis: France's new president

When France's Hollande talks growth is Europe listening?

Just two days after the election of Socialist François Hollande to the French presidency on a pro-growth policy there are signs of change sweeping through the European Union.
07/05/2012 - France - Germany

Goodbye Merkozy - Will new French president François Hollande get along with Angela Merkel?

European leaders are adjusting to the idea that France now has a new Socialist President, who hopes to pull the continent in a more anti-austerity direction.

18/04/2012 - French presidential election 2012

French presidential candidate Hollande threatens EU pact veto

French presidential frontrunner François Hollande says he will block the EU pact on balancing budgets unless it includes measures to revive Europe’s flagging economies.

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