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A model of the Tour Triangle, a proposed skyscraper designed by Swiss agency Herzog & de Meuron.
18/11/2014 - FRANCE

Paris rejects plans for pyramidal skyscraper: Tour Triangle

Paris city councillors voted against plans on Monday for French capital's first modern skyscraper in more than 40 years, the Tour Triangle.

The Gorges du Tarn in the Cévennes
15/11/2014 - France

Five die in floods as heavy rain hits south of France

Five people have died in floods in the south of France as heavy rain hit much of the country on Friday night and Saturday morning.
The beast was spotted in Montévrain on Thursday and is still on the loose
14/11/2014 - France

French big cat on the loose not a tiger, officials

The mysterious animal on the loose near Paris is probably not a tiger, French officials announced on Friday.
Frenchb police demonstrate in Paris on Thursday
14/11/2014 - France

France bans stun grenades after anti-dam activist’s death, police protest in Paris

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has banned the police from using stun grenades of the kind that killed a young anti-dam protester last month.
13/11/2014 - France

'Tiger' on the loose near Paris, spotted in supermarket carpark

Police and firefighters, backed up by a helicopter, are hunting for an animal that appears to be a tiger on the loose near Paris.
Philae lands safely on the comet 67P Churyumov Gerasimenko, 12 November 2014.
13/11/2014 - France - Outer Space

French space agency 'live with Philae' on Comet Chury

France's national space agency is now monitoring the robot Philae, which has made the first-ever landing on a comet after a 10-year journey and communicating with Earth from 510 million kilometres ...
The site of the planned Sivens dam
13/11/2014 - France

French government fights protester’s death cover-up accusations

The French government was on the defensive on Thursday after the publication of police recordings showing that gendarmes were aware that an anti-dam protester had died

The site of the proposed dam at Sivens with a banner reading "Not Forgotten, Not Forgiven, Nor Negotiation. No Justice. No Peace for Remi"
09/11/2014 - France

Police and demonstrators clash at protests over French anti-dam activist’s death

Protests at the death of Green activist Rémi Fraisse took place in several French cities on Saturday.
Give up ... and if you don't give up don't buy online, is the French government's latest message
08/11/2014 - France

France to ban buying cigarettes online

In its continuing crackdown on smoking, the French government is planning to make it illegal to buy cheap cigarettes on foreign websites.
Golfech nuclear plant on the edge of the Garonne river between Agen and Toulouse
07/11/2014 - France

French nuclear power plant drone flights continue, model plane fans freed

The mysterious drone flights over French nuclear power stations continued on Thursday night but the authorities were no closer finding who is responsible after the release of two model plane ...
A protest in Marseille just after Rémi Fraisse was killed
07/11/2014 - France

Paris school students protest against police violence after Green activist's death

School students in Paris promised to continue protests on Friday over the death of a young environmental activist during a protest against the construction of a dam this month.
Police arrest a demonstator in Albi after Fraisse's death
29/10/2014 - France

French dam project may be suspended as police prime suspects in protester’s death

Work on a dam that is the centre of the protests in south-west France may be suspended as the police became the principal suspects in the death of a young demonstrator at the weekend.
A protest after Rémi Fraisse's death in the southern city of Albi on Monday
28/10/2014 - France

French government tries to quell new crisis after anti-dam protester’s death

French President François Hollande appealed for calm on Tuesday as Green campaigners slammed his Socialist government over the death of a demonstrator during protests against the construction ...
Protest at site of dam in Sivens, Sunday, 26 October
27/10/2014 - France

Man dies in French anti-dam protest

A former Ecology Minister has called for work on a controversial dam in Sivens in southwestern France to be halted, after a man died in a protest on Saturday night.

Despite the energy transiton bill, EDF boss Henri Proglio predicts a bright future for nuclear power in France
15/10/2014 - France

French parliament votes to reduce nuclear power but export market looks healthy

The lower house of France’s parliament has passed a bill that aims to reduce French dependency on nuclear energy from 75 per cent to 50 per cent by 2025, although nuclear power is on the ...
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