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Climate change activists on Sunday's demonstration in Paris
29/11/2015 - France

Activists demand climate change action at Cop21 on tense Paris streets

Thousands of environmental activists from all over the world joined hands in a line across Paris Sunday in defiance of a ban on a climate demonstration following the 13 November terrorist attacks.
Word Bank president Jim Yong Kim
29/11/2015 - France - Africa

World Bank demands climate justice for Africa at Cop21

The Cop21 conference in Paris is crunch time for world leaders to reach a binding climate deal that would halt climate change and stop what scientists call a collision course with nature.
Demonstrators clash with CRS riot policemen near the Place de la Republique
29/11/2015 - FRANCE

Paris police arrest 100 in clashes after Cop21 climate change protest

Paris police fired teargas at demonstrators pelting them with bottles in protest at the ban on demonstrations following the 13 November attacks in the French capital on Sunday.
A map of transport restrictions in and around Paris on Monday morning
29/11/2015 - FRANCE- Co21

Paris limits traffic, beefs up security as Cop21 climate conference begins

With 40,000 people expected to attend the Cop21 climate conference starting on Sunday, Paris has taken exceptional measures to limit traffic and tighten security.

A demonstation in Manila demands action against global warming on Saturday 28 November
28/11/2015 - FRANCE - Cop21

Cop21 pact 'within reach' but climate change marches banned in Paris

A world climate change pact is within reach, according to France's Laurent Fabius, who will chair the Cop21 conference that starts in Paris on Sunday.
The H5N1 virus, dyed brown
27/11/2015 - South Korea - FRANCE

South Korea bans French poultry imports after bird flu case found

South Korea has banned French poultry imports following the discovery of bird flu on a farm in south-west France.
French President Hollande is surrounded by participants of a France-Oceania summit ahead of the Climate Change conference, Paris, 26 November 2015.
26/11/2015 - FRANCE- oceania

Hollande hosts Oceania delegation ahead of COP21

French President François Hollande hosted on Thursday morning a France-Oceania summit ahead of the Climate Change conference next week.
The Senegalese village of Niomoune
20/11/2015 - Senegal

Lighting African households with smartphones

Households in Senegal could soon be able to light their homes using their mobile phones.
French President Francois Hollande at the Valletta Summit on Migration
12/11/2015 - FRANCE - united states - Cop21

Hollande clashes with Kerry over legally binding climate deal at Cop21

French President François Hollande has contradicted US Secretary of State John Kerry and insisted that the Cop21 Paris climate conference will produce a binding agreement.
11/11/2015 - Tanzania - Climate change

Using trees as a way to offset the impacts of climate change in the Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania

It is a very bumpy four-hour ride up to Lowale, a village in the Uluguru mountains outside of Morogoro, Tanzania, near the top of its 2,600-meter peak, where scientists are trying to teach farmers ...
Dr Jamidu Katima, 2007 Nobel laureate on climate change.
11/11/2015 - Tanzania - Climate change

I hope sense will prevail at COP21, says Tanzanian 2007 Nobel laureate on climate change

World leaders, scientists and climate negotiators are gearing up for the upcoming COP21 climate change conference in Paris at the end of November.
09/11/2015 - Tanzania - Climate change

Solar energy lights the way for one forgotten Tanzanian village

The dusty village of Melela Mlandizi stands 45 kilometres outside of regional hub Morogoro, Tanzania.
An apple marked with the Cop21 logo at a garden in Metz, eastern France
09/11/2015 - FRANCE - Cop21

Scientists warn of climate disaster as ministers prepare Cop21 Paris summit

Parts of New York, Shanghai and other cities could be submerged under water and millions driven into poverty, scientists warned on Monday as ministers and climate envoys from some 60 countries met to ...
France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius is seen while school children participate at the inauguration of the World People's Conference on Climate Change, in Bolivia, October 10, 2015
06/11/2015 - France

UN unblocks climate finance to poor countries as France unveils 'dress rehearsal'

The UN's Green Climate Fund approved its first projects to help developing nations on Friday, three weeks before a crucial word summit to reach a climate rescue pact.
Diesel engines.
06/11/2015 - France

French tests confirm Volkswagen cheated again on pollution

According to first tests conducted in France on cars from a number of automakers, it has been revealed that Volkswagen cheated on their emissions.

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