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Writer and explorer Thierry Jamin on expedition in the Megantoni National Park
15/04/2014 - Interview: Peru - France

French explorer launches search for Inca lost city

A French explorer is planning to search for a lost Incan city reputed to hold vast treasure.

The Angolan capital, Luanda
14/04/2014 - France - Angola

Total to invest in Angola's ultra-deep Kaombo oilfield

French oil giant Total is to invest in Angola's Kaombo project after finding ways to cut costs of extracting ultra-deep offshore oil by a fifth, the firm announced on Monday.

Ségolène Royal
03/04/2014 - France

Ségolène Royal - out of the wilderness into the government

Former presidential candidate, former partner to François Hollande: Ségolène Royal's career took another turn this week with her nominaiton as environment and energy minister ...

She's back - presidential candidate in 2007, Ségolène Royal becomes ecology minister, a job she held in 1992
02/04/2014 - France

New French government - Ségolène Royal in, Pierre Moscovici out

France's new prime minister, Manuel Valls, has announced his new cabinet, firing Pierre Moscovici as finance minister.

Former housing minister Cécile Duflot has refused to take a post in Valls's cabinet
02/04/2014 - France

French Greens refuse to sit in Valls government

France's Green Party has pulled out of the Socialist-led government because the appointment of Manuel Valls as prime minister.

Monuments in Paris and worldwide will switch off lights tonight for Earth Hour.
29/03/2014 - France - World

World dims lights for Earth Hour

Lights are being turned off across cities and towns and scores of world monuments tonight at sunset for the seventh annual Earth Hour, a global campaign to build awareness around climate change ...

The Fontaine Saint Michel in Paris after the French NGO Action contre la Faim poured dye into it.
22/03/2014 - France

Paris fountains dyed to highlight World Water Day

A French NGO has poured red dye to "contaminate" fountains in Paris and other cities to commemorate World Water Day.

Police officers stop cars with even number licence plates in Paris on Monday
17/03/2014 - France

Emergency anti-pollution measures cut Paris traffic, not repeated Tuesday

Traffic was lighter than usual in Paris and the surrounding area on Monday morning as restrictions aimed at tackling soaring pollution came into force.

French drivers will have to drive on alternate days from Monday 17 March to ease traffic congestion
16/03/2014 - France

France to launch alternating traffic system to reduce pollution

After experiencing days of dangerously high pollution levels, France will introduce a new alternating traffic system from Monday 17 March.

On the Paris motorway, the speed limit has been lowered to 60 km/hour, whilst public transport has been made free
15/03/2014 - France

France announces anti-pollution plan to fight smog

France is stepping up measures to curb red-alert pollution levels with a new prevention plan, that will be launched next Summer.

Rush hour traffic at Paris's Arc de Triomphe which is seen through a small-particle haze on 13 March 2014.
14/03/2014 - France

French cities declare public transport free to fight pollution emergency

Red-alert pollution levels have prompted several French cities to make public transport and green schemes, like Paris's Velib bike-share and Autolib electric cars, free. But will the measures ...

The Eiffel tower and the Paris skyline through a small-particle haze, 13 March 2014.
13/03/2014 - France

Paris promises free public transport if high pollution continues

Authorities in the Paris region say they will make public transport free if they have to bring in emergency restrictions on traffic because of high pollution levels caused by unseasonably warm ...

Areva boss Luc Oursel met Niger's President  Mahamadou Issoufou on Friday
08/03/2014 - Niger - France

'Significant advances' in Niger talks with French nuclear giant Areva

Niger's government and French nuclear giant Areva made "significant advances" in talks on Friday, both sides agreed after Areva boss Luc Oursel met President Mahamadou Issoufou along ...

Finistère in Brittany, Feb. 2014
03/03/2014 - France

France's Atlantic coast on alert for high winds, huge waves

High winds and huge waves were expected on Monday night on France's Atlantic coast, where 11 areas have been put on alert.

Storms hit France's west coast in December ... but at least it wasn't very cold
01/03/2014 - France

French winter breaks rainfall records

France's stormy winter has seen record rainfall, especially in the western region of Brittany that has been racked by successive storms.

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