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Article published the Saturday 15 December 2012 - Latest update : Saturday 15 December 2012

Fire kills 3,000 French pigs

Pigs in a pigsty


Nearly 3,000 pigs were burnt alive in a French industrial-style pig farm on Friday. About 40 firefighters were called out to beat the blaze on a farm where 15,000 pigs were being raised for slaughter.

The fire was discovered at about 9.00pm and hit two out of the three buildings on the

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isolated farm in Vitry-les-François in the Marne region, east of Paris.

About 3,000 pigs died, sources say, either burnt by the flames or suffocated by the flames.

Despite strong winds, mud and the dark, the fire was brought under control in the middle of Friday night.

Intensive pig farming is a controversial issue in France, where traditional farmers accuse supermarkets and industrial-style breeders of forcing down prices at the expense of quality and their livelihoods.

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