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Article published the Monday 20 December 2010 - Latest update : Monday 20 December 2010

Seven Belarus opposition candidates arrested, Lukashenko reelected

Presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyayev lies in the street after beingbeaten during the Minsk protest
Reuters/Julia Darashkevich


Seven out of nine opposition candidates for Belarus's presidency have been arrested and Alexander Lukashenko has been declared reelected in Sunday's poll with 79.67 per cent of the votes. Police broke up an opposition protest over alleged vote fraud on Sunday night.

Supporters of seven of the candiates who opposed Lukashenko were in jail Monday morning, according to their suppoters. Only Yaroslav Romanchuk and Viktor Tereshtenko remaind at liberty. 

Hundreds of other opposition supporters were arrested on Sunday night when police broke up a protest over alleged vote fraud in central Minsk. Some of the 20,000 demonstrators tried to storm the seat of government.

Opposition candiate Vladimir Neklyayev was seriously injured in the clashes.

Their parties have called for more protests.

The US has condemned the use of force.




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