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Article published the Sunday 04 November 2012 - Latest update : Monday 05 November 2012

French psychoanalysts sign petition supporting same sex marriage



More than 500 psychoanalysts have signed a petition in favour of gay marriage in France. They say that there is nothing in psychoanalysis that opposes either marriage or adoption by same sex couples.

“This evolution in our civil code has finally put France out of touch with nine European countries, thirteen countries around the world and nine American states” according to psychoanalyst and one of the founders and authors of the petition , Laurence Croix.

Olivier Douville, is also a co-author of the petition. He is the director of the journal Clinical Psychology.

“In reaction to this democratic evolution, some people have proposed putting forward a theoretical psychoanalysis that formally opposes this project” states the opening paragraph of the petition.

However, in response to this attempt of a psychoanalytical approach to the question of gay marriage, the petition states that  “psychoanalysis cannot be used as a way to oppose a law that is connected to the equality of rights”.

The text goes on to explain that psychoanalysis is not to be used for either moral or predictive purposes.

Those who signed the petition also noted from their own clinical experience of same sex couples with children that this type of parenting “is not any more disruptive than other environments”.

Amongst those who signed the petition is Nicole Ankin, the director of the Sigmund Freud University.

President François Holland's left-wing government will present its draft bill on gay marriage later this week on Wednesday.


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Comments (6)

I would like to read the

I would like to read the petition word by word. I simply cannot grasp the point that the same sex "parenting" does not have disruptive influence on the child. How could a same sex pair cater for the child's need of a father/mother figure identification?

Who says that children need a

Who says that children need a "mother" and "father" identification? That does single parents a disservice. In the parenting department children need two things: love, and the knowledge that if they do wrong, there will be consequences.

Then I ask you, how does a

Then I ask you, how does a single mother, or a single father cater for this need? How is this need covered at an orphanage?

Remember, no man is an island. Same sex couples, singe parents, and others are likely to have friends and family, which can cover for such "needs" in a child. An uncle/aunt, cousin, close friend, or something like that can cover such a need.

Besides; how can you prove that every child really has a need for both a father and a mother figure? Many people have grown up with just one parent (either because one is gone/dead, or simply gives a damn about helping raise the child), or they have grown up in orphanages, and they have still turned out fine. There has been done research that suggests that the brain of a child needs love and care in order to develop properly, but it does not matter what person give this love, in terms of gender.

To finish, I would like to tell you about my friend, who was raised by two mothers. She grew up in an loving environment, she has plenty of friends, and she is a very kind and compassionate person. She also does well in school, right now she is studying anthropology and japanese language in Oxford, England.
I know plenty of people being raised by both a father and a mother, who are still complete dickheads, with neither good grades, nor compassion for other people.

I simply cannot grasp why people object to same sex parenting when there are children out there growing up without ANY parent figure, male nor female. Even those who believe a child needs both: isn't two mothers or two fathers better than NONE at all?

No credible study has

No credible study has concluded that the children of gay and lesbian parents are at any significant disadvantage. Some have shown that children of lesbian parents are actually at an advantage, suffering little to no abuse as a group and adjusting to society easily as they grow. Putting the word parenting into quotations marks doesn't do anything to discredit that. Parenting is parenting. There is no magical penis-parenting and vagina-parenting. That's ridiculous.

Response to word for word reader

" How could a same sex pair cater for the child's need of a father/mother figure identification?"

What about a child with a single parent? If one parent dies or leaves, do you suggest the remaining parent immediately run out and find a new father/mother figure?

All the children are disadvantaged

A single mother/father can hardly cater for the need of the child's need for a mother/father identification figure. The same for the children in orphanages.
Those children either find a mother/father figure in somebody else than in their primary care-giver or their psychological development is harmed by the setting disadvantages. Yes, children of single parents or divorced parents do suffer. (Not talking about children whose parent(s) died.)
BUT in case of same sex pairs, the adopted child is being put deliberately, on purpose into a disruptive environment. Thus the harm to the child's psychological development is much more likely.

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