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  • African Media

    African Media

    Everything you want to know about the vibrant media scene in Africa.

  • African news explained

    African news explained

    A look at the issues behind one of the stories making headlines on the African continent.

  • Culture in France

    Culture in France

    Every weekend we report on what's happening in France's cultural life: exhibitions, theatre, music and more.

  • French lesson: Parlez-vous Paris ?

    French lesson: Parlez-vous Paris ?

    Whether they're from Nepal, Sudan, Slovakia or Canada, high school students or young bohemians, they've all just arrived in Paris and want to know more.
  • International media

    International media

    A weekly look at the problems and pleasures facing journalists around the world and the power and responsibilities of news media. 

  • International report

    International report

    RFI goes behind-the-scenes of one of the week's major stories.

  • Mission Paris

    Mission Paris

    Eva finds herself in a race against time and an enemy who wants to return France to the era of Napoleon III and restore the Second Empire. Her goal: to save the French Republic from its downfall.

  • On-the-spot France

    On-the-spot France

    A daily report on France: breaking news, top stories, analysis, trends and more

  • Sports Insight

    Sports Insight

    A weekly programme focusing on the world of sport.

  • The Sound Kitchen

    The Sound Kitchen

    Music, interviews, quirky listener essays ... you never know what you'll be served up on the Sound Kitchen

  • Webwatch


    WWWhat's happening on the world wide web? A look at innovations on the net and what's hot and what's not on RFI's site and, maybe, elsewhere.

  • World music matters

    World music matters

    World Music Matters is RFI's weekly rendez vous with musicians making global beats.

  • World news explained

    World news explained

    An in-depth look at one of the stories grabbing the headlines on the world stage.