French Health Minister Marisol Touraine leaves the Elysee Palace following the weekly cabinet meeting in Paris, France, July 31, 2015.
01/08/2015 - France

Do vaccines do more harm than good? France launches national debate

France's Health Minister has announced a national debate this Autumn to discuss the future of the country's immunisation policy, amidst mounting criticism over vaccines.


French press review 01 August 2015

Tensions in the Middle East after a Palestinian baby was burnt to death, have left tremors in the French press, meanwhile France's regions prepare to go under the knife, as new towns are ...
01/08/2015 - France

Great Summer Getaway clogged by nightmare traffic

French holiday makers' plans for a great summer getaway looked set to be scuppered on Saturday, after thousands got stuck in traffic jams extending more than 800 km.

COP 21 Official logo
01/08/2015 - Paris climate conference 2015

Explainer: About COP21 - the basics

A crucial international event is due to take place at the end of the year in Paris.
French gendarmes work on a oversized crate, believed to contain plane wreckage, in the cargo area of the airport in Saint-Denis on the French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion. July 31, 2015.
01/08/2015 - France-Reunion-Malaysia

Plane debris linked to MH370 arrives in France for tests

A piece of Boeing 777 wreckage that washed up on an Indian Ocean island arrived for analysis in France early Saturday, after Malaysian authorities said the part recovered almost certainly came from ...
Google rejected a French demand to globally apply the so-called right to be forgotten, which requires the company to remove links to certain information about users if asked.
31/07/2015 - FRANCE

Google challenges France over 'right to be forgotten'

Google, the internet search giant, took a strong stance against the censorship of its search results, telling French regulators in a blog post that it will not implement so-called “right to be ...
French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira
31/07/2015 - France

Justice Minister bill on no license driving sparks outrage in France

Driving without a license may no longer be considered a crime in France, as Justice Minister Madame Taubira announced a new bill this Friday that will limit the penalty to a 500 euro fine.

The two helicopter carriers «Sebastopol» and «Vladivostok» - built for the Russian Navy, are rooted at the shipyard of Saint-Nazaire in western France. Taken December 20 2014.
31/07/2015 - France-Russia

France refunds Russia €1.2bn for undelivered warships

After months of arduous negotiations, Paris agreed on Friday to compensate Moscow €1.2 billion for cancelling the sale of two warships, a Russian offical has said.

Details are seen for a liquid soap container label, marked Jakarta - Indonesia, that was part of newly-discovered debris washed onto the beach at Saint-Andre on the French island of Reunion, July 31, 2015
31/07/2015 - France-Reunion-Malaysia

New clues, New hope of unlocking mystery of ill-fated MH370

New debris washed ashore on the island of Reunion have revived hopes of unlocking one of aviation's biggest mysteries.

French troops patrol in an armored vehicle in Bangui, Central African Republic, December 6, 2013.
30/07/2015 - France-Germany

Franco-German merger to be the 'Airbus' of tank manufacturing

French and German tank producers have teamed up to stay competitive in the international market.
Migrants make their way across a fence near near train tracks as they attempt to access the Channel Tunnel in Frethun, near Calais, France, July 29, 2015.
30/07/2015 - France

David Cameron's 'swarm' of migrants yields 10th casualty

The death toll of migrants attempting to cross the Channel into England went up on Thursday to 10, French authorities have said. This comes as increasing numbers risk their lives to reach Britain.

Areva, the former juggernaut of French industry, is now on the brink of collapse
30/07/2015 - France

Energy rivals bury fued as EDF buys out Areva

Atomic energy giant Areva on Thursday agreed to sell a majority stake of its nuclear reactor unit to electricity group EDF to overcome its economic woes.



French press review 30 July 2015

The French press has splashed out on the Calais migrant crisis, which dominates several of this morning's Paris dailies.
Patrick Buisson, former advisor to ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy in October 2012
29/07/2015 - France

Sarkozy's ex-advisor under investigation for 'pointless' opinion polls

A six year legal battle engulfing some of ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy's closest allies, took a new twist on Wednesday, when his former advisor Patrick Buisson was put under investigation for fraud.
Disneyland Paris in the suburb of Marne-la-Vallee
29/07/2015 - France

Disney magic more expensive for foreigners, EU Commission steps in

The European Commission announced Tuesday that it is investigating Disneyland Paris after complaints from British and German visitors, that they were being overcharged.
Migrants next to the Eurotunnel site in Calais, on28 July 2015.
29/07/2015 - Migrant crisis in Calais

Activists slam France's migrant policy after more police sent to Calais

In Calais, one man died on Wednesday as migrants attempted to storm the Eurotunnel terminal at least 1,500 times. It's the ninth death since the beginning of June.
A sweat shirt is stretched over the barbs to protect asylum seekers who climb over the fence near the railroad tracks close to the Channel Tunnel site in Calais, northern France, July 29, 2015.
29/07/2015 - France-UK

France to send extra police to Calais after migrant dies

France is to send 120 extra police officers to Calais in a bid to secure the Eurotunnel, the French interior minister announced on Wednesday.
29/07/2015 - France-Iran

Fabius delivers presidential invitation to Rouhani as relations post-deal thaw

France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius arrived in Teheran on Wednesday seeking to revive relations with Iran, after this month's historic nuclear deal.
French farmers block the entrance of a dairy in Ancenis on 23 July 2015.
28/07/2015 - France

French farmers stand their ground with barricades and factory controls

Livestock farmers set up barricades and inspections of factory suppliers and slaughterhouses in several regions to demand a rise in prices.
Tautavel Man's skull
28/07/2015 - France

560,000-year-old tooth found in southern France

Two students found a human tooth estimated to be 560,000 years old in the southern French village of Tautavel last week.
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