The heavily fortified court house in Naples
16/04/2014 - France - Italy

Camorra godfather arrested in French Riviera café

A Naples Mafia chief has been arrested while driking coffee in a café in the French Riviera city of Nice.

Pets are no longer furniture, French MPs have decided
16/04/2014 - France

Animals have feelings too, French MPs decree

After a long and lively debate French MPs on Tuesday amended to the civil code to upgrade the status of animals from furniture to creatures with feelings.

Don't even think about it ... the two men were tagging trains across Europe
16/04/2014 - France

Australian tourists arrested on graffiti tour of Europe's rail network

French police have arrested two Australian tourists alleged to be on a tagging tour of Europe's rail network.


French press review 16 April 2014

Opinion polls are the thing this morning.

French police clear a Roma camp
16/04/2014 - France

Paris police ordered to drive Roma off streets

France's government was on the defensive this week after a police note ordering the systematic removal of Roma people from one of Paris's wealthiest neighbourhoods was leaked to the media.

Aung San Suu Kyi in Paris with President François Hollande
16/04/2014 - France - Myanmar

Aung San Suu Kyi warns of Myanmar transition dangers on Paris visit

Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi called for international support as her country faces a "difficult period of transition" on a visit to Paris on Tuesday.

Many reasons to vote ..
15/04/2014 - France - Europe

French MEP tells youngsters why EU is good for porn

Europe’s centre-right party leader Joseph Daul clearly thinks the EU needs sexing up.

Nuclear weapons carrying submarine
15/04/2014 - France

French navy announces first women to serve on submarines

Women are to be allowed to serve on nuclear submarines in the French Navy from 2017, the French Minister of Defence announced today.

Syrian asylum-seekers in Calais, France, last year
15/04/2014 - France

France asylum-seekers' system 'in crisis', report

France's system for handling asylum-seekers is "in crisis", according to a parliamentary report that highlights long-drawn-out and ineffective procedures and spending way over budget.

Female soldiers in action with French army contingent of UN forces in Lebanon (2001)
15/04/2014 - France

French army to act on sexual harassment

France’s defence minister is expected to announce new measures to combat sexual harassment in the army after receiving a report on the issue today.


French press review 15 April 2014

Ukraine makes the front pages of Le Monde and Libération. Le Figaro falls out of love with Manuel Valls. La Croix looks at the church in Rwanda.

Writer and explorer Thierry Jamin on expedition in the Megantoni National Park
15/04/2014 - Interview: Peru - France

French explorer launches search for Inca lost city

A French explorer is planning to search for a lost Incan city reputed to hold vast treasure.

The hotel Lutetia, à Paris
14/04/2014 - France

Landmark Paris hotel closes for three-year renovation

Paris's landmark art déco hotel, Le Lutetia, closed on Monday for renovations that will take three years and cost nearly 100 million euros.

A pro-Russian gunman in Slaviansk, Ukraine
14/04/2014 - France - United Kingdom - Ukraine - Russia

Hollande, Cameron condemn Ukraine violence

French President François Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron have jointly condemned "violence" in Ukraine after pro-Russian rebels stormed government offices in ...

Adolf Hitler with French Vichy government leader Philippe Pétain in 1940
14/04/2014 - France - Germany

Nazi memorabilia auction cancelled after French minister, Jewish groups protest

A French auction house has scrapped a sale of objects that belonged to Nazi leaders Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering after Culture Minister Aurélie Flipetti joined Jewish groups in calling ...

The Angolan capital, Luanda
14/04/2014 - France - Angola

Total to invest in Angola's ultra-deep Kaombo oilfield

French oil giant Total is to invest in Angola's Kaombo project after finding ways to cut costs of extracting ultra-deep offshore oil by a fifth, the firm announced on Monday.

The Lycée Fénélon Notre-Dame in La Rochelle where the rape took place
14/04/2014 - France

Mass DNA test begins in hunt for rapist in French Catholic school

French police took DNA samples from 527 schoolboys and male staff at a Catholic school in the west-coast city of La Rochelle on Monday in the search for a rapist who assaulted a female student ...


French press review 14 April 2014

Not everyone is keen on Valls's plan to streamline France's adminstration. The US and EU are worried about Ukraine. A survey calls for changes in global drug policy.

Jean-Marie Le Guen.
13/04/2014 - France - Ukraine

France would support new sanctions on Russia

France has said it will support new sanctions if a military escalation occurs amid intensifying tensions in Ukraine between pro-Russian militants and Kiev-controlled security forces.

Lycée Fénelon Notre-Dame in La Rochelle
13/04/2014 - France

French school orders DNA testing to locate rapist

A private Catholic school in the French port city of La Rochelle is DNA testing more than 500 male pupils and staff starting Monday in an effort to trace the rapist of a 16-year-old girl in a ...

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