France's new Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron
28/08/2014 - France

France’s Socialists in disarray as new economy minister questions 35-hour week

France’s Socialists were in disarray on Thursday after the publication of an interview in which the new economy minister called for businesses to dodge the 35-hour work week law.

Paris-Orly Sud airport, south of Paris
28/08/2014 - France

Air France pilots to strike in September

Airline pilots at Air France are to strike from 15-22 September.

French President François Hollande
28/08/2014 - France - Syria

Hollande rules out French cooperation with Assad against Islamic State

French President François Hollande on Thursday gave an emphatic no to Syria’s offer to work with the West in the fight against the Islamic State, previously known as Isis.


French press review 28 August 2014

The French papers are still buzzing with reactions to President François Holande's new cabinet.

Medical personnel in protective suits treat Ebola in Liberia
28/08/2014 - France - west Africa

Air France suspends flights to Ebola-hit Sierra Leone

Air France has suspended flights to Freetown due to the Ebola outbreak, leaving Sierra Leone and neighbouring Liberia reliant on just one airline, Royal Air Morocco.

Outgoing economy minister Arnaud Montebourg hands over to his successor, Emmanuel Macron
27/08/2014 - Analysis: France

Hollande replaces left-winger with banker in French cabinet reshuffle as economy fails to revive

The second reshuffle of France’s government in five months signals a definitive breach by President François Hollande with the left wing of his Socialist Party.

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde
27/08/2014 - France

IMF boss Lagarde charged with negligence in 2008 French corruption case

International Monetary Fund (IMF) boss Christine Lagarde on Wednesday said she had no intention of resigning


French press review 27 August 2014

The French papers look rather grey this morning, with all their front pages running pictures of the new men and women in suits at the helm of the government.

French President François Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Tuesday
27/08/2014 - France

New French government under fire from left and right

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls’s reshuffled cabinet drew criticism from the Socialist government’s opponents after its composition was announced on Tuesday.

President François Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls on 26 August 2014.
26/08/2014 - France

French president names new cabinet in ‘last chance’ reshuffle

French President François Hollande named a new cabinet on Tuesday after an open row led to the removal of top dissident voices against austerity cuts.

The Parisienne's masthead (detail)
26/08/2014 - France

Paris paper threatens to sue blogger over Parisienne title, report

French tabloid Le Parisien is threatening to sue a blogger for using the title The Parisienne.

IMF head Christine Lagarde
26/08/2014 - France - IMF

IMF chief Lagarde faces fourth round of questioning in French corruption case

International Monetary Fund (IMF) boss Christine Lagarde on Tuesday faced questioning for the fourth time in a mulit-million-euro corruption case linked to her time as a minister under former ...


French press review 26 August 2014

France has been gripped by political crisis, as President François Hollande and Prime Minister Manul Valls reshuffle the cabinet following a revolt over economic policy and the papers have ...

Outgoing culture minister Aurélie Filipetti
26/08/2014 - France - government crisis

France’s culture minister joins anti-austerity rebels to quit Valls government

France’s outgoing culture minister Aurélie Filipetti has joined Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg in blasting President François Hollande’s economic policy

A box jellyfish
26/08/2014 - Thailand - France

Thailand warns of box jellyfish danger after French boy's death

Thai authorities have warned tourists to be alert over the potentially lethal box jellyfish after a five-year-old French boy died from its sting in a popular resort.

Arnaud Montebourg
25/08/2014 - France

French economy minister slams austerity in bombshell resignation speech

Arnaud Montebourg delivered a blistering attack on the austerity policies favoured by the French president and prime minister as he walked away from his job as economy minster in a dramatic press ...

President Francois Hollande, Prime Minister Manuel Valls
25/08/2014 - France

New French government to be annouced on Tuesday

The announcement of a new French cabinet tomorrow will be the second reshuffle in just five months.

Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg, whose criticism precipitated the crisis
25/08/2014 - France

France in political crisis as Hollande government resigns

France is in political crisis after President Francois Hollande on Tuesday instructed Prime Minister Manuel Valls to form a new government.


French press review 23 August 2014

We begin with the findings of Le Monde’s special investigation into violations of international law committed by Israel and their Palestinian foes during the six-week war in the ...

Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.
23/08/2014 - France - Algeria

Algerian man dies while being deported from France, investigation opens

An investigation is underway to examine the circumstances around the death of an Algerian man who died at a Paris airport on Thursday night as he was being deported from the country.

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