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Article published the Monday 08 March 2010 - Latest update : Monday 08 March 2010

Freak snow storm covers southern France

People walk in snow-covered Nîmes, in the south of France, 8 March 2010.


Eight of France's departments were placed on snow alert Monday morning, when an unusually late cold snap caused heavy snowfall in the south of the country. Authorities are advising people not to travel, after around 250 motorists had to be towed from snow-blocked roads.

Up to 40 centimetres of snow fell overnight in France's central southern region, including Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence, the Rhône valley and Mid-Pyrénées.

Such snowfall is "exceptional", especially at the beginning of March, according to national weather bureau Météo France.

The forecaster expects the snow clouds to make their way east on Monday, concentrating over the Hérault department.

Météo France has issued a severe weather warning for eight departments in the south of France, marked here in orange.
Météo France has issued a severe weather warning for eight departments in the south of France, marked here in orange.
Météo France

Snow fall will nonetheless continue throughout the day in the more westerly Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales departments.

Météo France warns that the icy conditions will increase the risk of accidents, and advises drivers to be extra careful on the road.

Some 250 motorists in the Gard department were trapped in their cars on Sunday night after snow blocked the roads. Local authorities towed the vehicles and took their drivers to emergency shelters.

Heavy lorries (over 7.5 tonnes) have been banned from using sections of the A7, A8, A9 and A54 motorways, according to the traffic authority CRICR.

Several areas have also cancelled school buses.

Rail services are disrupted in Gard and Hérault, with delays on high-speed TGV trains from Languedoc-Roussillon as well as local services from Nîmes.

Meanwhile Perpignan airport is closed and flights from Nîmes airport continue to be diverted to nearby Montpellier due to heavy snow on runways.

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March snow storm in Le Sud de France.

So much for global warming! There are polar bears on the La Garrigue! Another winter like this and my Wife and I shall be looking to move to somewhere warmer.

Global Warming anyone?

And how many French still believe in man-made global warming?

Snow -- OH NO!!!


Damn global warming...

Damn global warming...

Was Al Gore in town?

He's always good for a blizzard or two...


I guess for the clowns at IPCC it's just more proof of the reality of "anthropogenic global warming"!!!!

Global warming....ha.

Get used to this. Mother nature is pissed at Al Gore and his Global con against the world. We will continue to see colder weather around the world until Al Gore is tossed into a live volcano as a sacrifice for his sin of conning the world out of billions of dollars with his global warming scam.

Re: Global Warming deniers...

There were countless I could have responded to, but this was the most overtly stupid.
For those of you who are too thick to understand the principles of science and how it works, you're just going to have to accept that everyone who can agrees that man made global warming is not a myth. Nor was it an idea created by Al Gore. Al Gore was putting a crucial issue, proved by the scientific community, into public consciousness. "Global Warming" is a general term which refers to the greenhouse effect. Climate change is not going to make everywhere hotter, rather affect weather patterns- yes, this includes snow!!!!

must be that global warming

must be that global warming


Guess Al Gore forgot to mail out his Global Hot Air, er, Warming Memo to you too. LOL.