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Article published the Monday 19 April 2010 - Latest update : Monday 19 April 2010

Hopes of let up in French rail strike

Empty tracks are seen at Marseille's station during a national strike


The secretary-general of railway workers trade union CGT said Monday that the train strike that was launched thirteen days ago could soon be suspended. Didier Le Reste made his comments on the radio station, RMC.

Today, Monday, the TGV line will have one journey each way between Brussels and Bordeaux, Lille and Nantes, Lille and Marseilles, Lille and Brive and Lille and Lyon.

There will be one train from Lille to Lorient, one from Perpignan to Lille, one from Lille to Marne-La-Vallée and one from Montpellier to Lille, but these routes will not have trains going in the other direction.

There is no service between Lille and Brest.

Between Lille and Bordeaux and between Brussels and Marseille there are three trains in both directions. There will be one from Lille to Rennes, and two from Rennes to Lille

Three trains will go from Brussels to Montpellier and one will return. Between Lille and Strasbourg there are two return journeys.

Service on the TER lines is badly affected too and the French rail operation, SNCF,  advises travellers to consult the website station by station.

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Comments (7)

get off yur asses lazy french

get off yur asses lazy french train drivers

Rail Strikes

As much as I admire the solidarity of the French Unions, I think they would gain much more respect if they lifted the strike over this period in order that people stranded by grounded airlines could get home.

Please stop the rail strike

Please stop the rail strike so we can take the train from Spain to Denmark. Really fed up with this strike and selfish French people!

yes its all about you is it

yes its all about you is it not?

Rail strike

Why with all the chaos due to volcanic air dust and thousands of people stranded don't the rail strikers call off their strike there by helping thousands of people, how very selfish of the French

Why aren't these strikers in Prison? Why isn't there more news c

These strikers are pigs and should be in jail. If French trains were running, a great deal of the damage from the stopping of air flights could be mitigated.

The government should send in the troops and the union leaders should be in jail. The union should also be levied to compensate the airlines.

Trapped travellers and selfish strikers

It does not say much for the striking train unions that they continue with this strike when Europe is being bankrupted by air travel disruption. They are the most selfish people on earth and no-one should support them any longer.

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