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Article published the Thursday 29 April 2010 - Latest update : Thursday 29 April 2010

Pasqua prosecution requests four year sentence

Former interior minister Charles Pasqua arrives at the French Court of Justice, 19 April 2010
AFP/Patrick Kovarik


The prosecution against former French interior minister Charles Pasqua asked on Thursday that he be given a four year prison sentence with two years suspended and a fine of 200,000 euros. It has also requested that he be banned from running for any elected position. The court will deliver its verdict on Friday.

The 83-year-old UMP member is being tried on three charges of corruption in the Cour de justice de la République, the only court in the country that can try a minister for acts carried out by a minister in the exercise of his public function.

He is accused of three counts of embezzlement while he was interior minister: giving the go-ahead to a casino in Annemasse, allegedy in exchange for electoral funds, taking a bribe from GEC-Alsthom to move one of its affiliated groups and the embezzlement of funds for the benefit of Sofremi, an arms export company.

French Advocate General Yves Charpenel said these three cases show no personal gain and no desire for villainous personal enrichment.

He said Pasqua simply had a weakness, which was a passion for politics which had made him lose sight of the limits of public integrity.

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