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Article published the Monday 08 November 2010 - Latest update : Monday 08 November 2010

Price of cigarettes goes up in France

The price of a pack of cigarettes in France went up by six per cent on Monday


The price of a pack of cigarettes went up by 30 cents on Monday, a raise that anti-smoking campaigners say is not high enough. The price hike will bring in an extra 660 million euros a year to the social security system.

The average cost of a pack of cigarettes in France is now 5.90 euros, six per cent higher than it was a year ago.

Budget Minister François Baroin said the raise is “moderate and reasonable” and works within the President’s anti-cancer plan.

Anti-smoking campaigners say that anything under a ten per cent raise in the price will have no effect on consumption, and public health. Last year the price went up by six per cent as well, but cigarette sales went down by only 0.2 per cent.

Government statistics show that tobacco consumption in France has gone up by two per cent in the five years since 2005.

Tobacco sellers say the raise in price will push even more people to buy their cigarettes outside of France.

The government looks to receive some 660 million euros from this most recent price hike, which is allocated to the social security budget.

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I agree with Di Ste Robe. I quit smoking 22 years ago and on occasion I still desire a smoke. Second hand smoke does not bother me most of the time.

Dying from tobacco or from other pollutant

We appreciate your concern, but as long as we (the smokers) respect non-smokers, why don't you save your breath for fighting air pollution (transportation, industry, ...), junk-food habits (including salt level consuption) and tumors that occured from contamination of various plastic materials, accountable for about 9 to 10 times more premature death than tobacco ? Hmm ?

smoking as a norm

Unfortunately in France, smoking is a deeply ingrained institution that has no negative stigma attached to it - in fact, as a non-smoker I often feel like a minority here. Having lived in france for close to a year I have never seen a trace of any anti-smoking campaigning, so there is zero disincentive for smokers to quit, plus many are simply blinkered to the high levels of smoking-related health problems in their country. The president's 'anti-cancer plan' needs to address this rather than schemes to bolster its own budget.

tobacco habits

it is still to little to change habits of a perennial an ex tobacco user, i can tell you that giving up tobacco to a smoker is comparable to giving up food for life...unfortunately, because it's high degree of addiction...most tobacco users will never quit until to late to do so...sad, really sad :-(

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